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Vintage Delivery Trucks On Main Street U.S.A.: A Pictorial

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Here is a Milk Truck that hits close to home for me. The driver is Elbert Fuller who was a very good friend of my Grandfather. My Grandfather bought the Fuller Farm from Elbert in 1951 and sold off pieces of it in the late 60's and early 70's finally moving off around 1976 to Shelton Connecticut. Elbert lived out his years just two houses from his old homestead on the corner of Fuller and Tashaway Roads in Long Hill, Connecticut. Elbert use to visit us on our farm in upstate NY with my Grandfather well into the 1970's when he past. The Truck is a Studebaker 4 Cylinder Commercial Car, 1916 or 17. My Uncle still lives on the end of the road on a piece of land that was once part of the farm. Unfortunetly the truck was sold for scrap years ago. Lovin this thread. :cool: Dandy Dave!


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