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Vintage Delivery Trucks On Main Street U.S.A.: A Pictorial

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Here's a truck delivering 39 Plymouths. Does that say Dodge on the front of the truck? By LowKat on Vintage Shots

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hi res http://www.gstatic.com/hostedimg/e7a49654c13b1231_large





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Kari Keen very rare parts indeed.

Found an ole 6 volt steering wheel fan last year made by Kari Keen of Souix City IA circe pre 32. I may put it in my 30 Panel someday since it was period correct for that few short years they were in business.

Love the thread.

This photo was Posted by Dave at Shorpy. Be sure and click on it a few times to get the full effect of the great photographic moment.


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To 30Dodgepanel: if you liked that pic from Dave on Shorpy you'll like this too. unknown location by Raceron1120 on Vintage shots

Yes thats one of my favorites. These photographers did some incredible.

Would really love to have that Graham Bros & Dodge Bros service station sign on the left. Actually, any of those signs would be gems to own.

Funny how they had "drive thru/in" gas stations back then. I'm sure because of the new found popularity and love of the automobile that these types of filling stations were viewed in a similar way that the drive thru burger joint is today. As long as it keeps us going, we don't pay any attention to where they put them or how they are regulated, heck, just put the pump on the porch !.

EPA would have had a field day back then. Another great photographic moment at Shorpy


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