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fan switch, 1954-1955, 3-position needed

Pete Phillips

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Just figured out why the heater fan won't work on the '54 Buick I am restoring. The fan switch is fried. Does anybody have a good used one? This is the one for the under-seat heater fan, is the left-hand one when you are looking at the dashboard's three heater/defroster controls on a '54 or '55. Both years are the same, and I believe all series are the same. Any help appreciated. Here's a photo of the car...


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If I don't have one of those then Carters probably don't have any pills. But it will take me two months of Sundays to dig one out (right Joe) so if Paul has one, go for it. If not, holler

Sweet lil Condo Yeller Fittty Fo you're workin on there Pete. buba.gif

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