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Hi Ted,

I did an alternator upgrade a few years back on a `65 that worked out very well. The owner had an air ride system and high consumption sound system which was leaving him with a dead battery. He had installed a one wire alternator and subsequently burned up the wiring.

GM made a 95 amp alt which will fit in the stock location. It has an internal regulator and there is a small amount of "custom" wiring to be done but I was impressed with the simplicity. This conversion eliminates the external regulator (you can leave it in place and still do the upgrade if you are concerned about appearances) and increases the charging system amp output.

I dont recall the model number for this GM alternator off the top of my head. If you call my friend Joe Serritella at Vintage Voltage at 630-567-1775 he is very familiar with the conversion and can answer any charging system questions you have. He is truly the most knowledgeable person I have ever met when it comes to anything automotive electrical. Joe is the former owner of a large electrical rebuilder who supplied our fleet with custom built charging system components. Back in the day he specialized in high output charging systems for ambulances, fire trucks, etc...he is in semi-retirement now but still dabbles in old car stuff. I still go to Joe even for my late model needs, highly recommended, dude`s a frickin` genius. Tell him I sent you.

I would not encourage converting to a one wire alternator. A one wire system does not tap into or sense the voltage needs of the system at the appropriate place in the harness for the battery to receive the proper charge.

If you run into a dead end PM me and I can dig up the specifics. Hope this helps,

Tom Mooney

P.S. Wanna jam backstage at your next midwest gig?

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The alternator I referred to above was definitely the 12SI. Went to the Mad Electrical site and found a good comparison of the 1 wire alts to the 3 wire 10 and 12SI in the tab described as "conversion kits for 10 and 12 SI". Mad promotes the use of the 3 wire versus the 1 wire in this section...but their home page seems to be pushing the 1 wire as the next best trend????? Maybe for hotrods with a ton of relays versus a stock GM system? They dont sell alternators???? And their website prices are not up to date???? Potentially confusing for the average weekend mechanic but still alot of good info for those in the trade,

Tom Mooney

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