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  1. Here is a photo I took at the Sacramento ROA Meet in 2009 of a California car with the air pump.
  2. Tom, sorry to hear about Linda Hall's passing. I was fortunate to meet her and Brian at the 2011 ROA meet in Branson. Lovely folks. I was fortunate to be the winner of a tee shirt they gave away from the "Inaugural ROA Australia Meet Coffs Harbour 2010 and a stylish cap. I still have both! Hope all is well. John Hellmuth
  3. My original 1964 with factory A/C did not come with the shroud or the correct fan clutch. Was told that can't happen. Anything could happen in vehicle construction if you don't have the right parts. The line doesn't stop. My Brother was a QA engineer at the St Louis MOPAR plant. He said one night in the early 1960s, they ran out of Plymouth dashes so they built 50 with Dodge dashes. No paper work changes or documentation. Again, anything can happen when you are pushing a vehicle out every minute.
  4. I had an uncle by marriage who was at Pearl Harbor who survived, Leonard Pott. He spent the rest of the war hunting U-boats in the Atlantic. Amazing people who knew what it meant to be an American. My Dad spent his time in the South Pacific including the occupation of Japan.
  5. I've had the same electronic Petronics setup for 20 years, no points replacement, dwell settings, condenser failing, etc. I keep a spare module in the trunk, never used.
  6. Here are a couple of shots of Jason's chassis at the same meet,
  7. I remember Buick eliminating the torque tube in 1959
  8. Suggest putting in a Powermaster, that's what I did. It came with test data!
  9. I use Kanter's air shocks on my '64. Mounted the Schrader valve below the bumper. They are great when you have a heavy load in the trunk. Not automatic but manageable.
  10. This is the original belt on my '64 plus the maker.
  11. My brand new 1965 Wildcat averaged a quart every 500-1000 miles. Perfectly normal, in fact, some mechanics told me if you didn't burn oil, something was wrong.
  12. Here is a photo of Carl with his best in class award at the 2011 Branson show.
  13. Here is a shot of a very original 1963 at the ROA Meet in Colorado Springs (2014). Housing looks intact.
  14. In my world it is the "might as wells" that kills me.
  15. A bad or leaking diode in your alternator can cause a drain. Check and see if you alternator voltage is lower than normal when running.
  16. The replacement I got from Calvin Clark some years ago is identical to the one on the left. I couldn't find the original plate.
  17. I like Tom's suggestion on the front brakes. Buy a cheap infrared thermometer and check around the front end.
  18. Check the battery voltage when the light is off, should be 14+ volts. If not check the tension, real easy. Might be a weak alternator.
  19. Not that is makes any difference, but that is not a Magnum supercharger. It looks like a 6-71 GM.
  20. Check the timing!
  21. One high class magazine!
  22. The old adage applies here: 90% of carburetor problems are ignition
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