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  1. Too bad you’re half a continent away or I would give you a hand getting it figured out .. I am in the same stage of my resto so I feel the same way about these quarter windows !!! Imagine the guys on the assembly line ,,, how few minutes they had on each car to get it right and on down the line ... no pressure 🤯🤯
  2. Bad ignition switch ??? Will it stay running as long as you are in the crank position? And you are still running the stock points distributor ?? Seems with the step up to fuel injection a step up in the ignition department would be the next step ,some of the guys here swear by Petronix , I love MSD stuff ... there are other electronic ignition options too that really simplify tuning .
  3. Did you install the Holley EFI ? What does that system use for a fuel pump ?? Inline or in tank ?
  4. Start a new thread ( please ) that pertains to the engine swap and all the details and parts and part numbers ,,,, there are a few here that would love all that info!!
  5. I am only a few minutes from this guys shop ,,, gonna stop over and bend his ear on his plans with the Buick stuff ... by the looks of it he could create anything you wanted given some time and $$ The only reason I posted this is because I thought it being 2018 and the new tech that’s available maybe there would be some excitement about something new for the nailhead ...
  6. Getting any bent edges to ever lay flat correctly is a long shot at best , this thin aluminum has quite the “ memory” and once it’s bent , probably gonna stay that way ,,, I have a really nice gauge panel that I was going to use , but decided to just strip the bent / oxidized pieces off the pieces I ended up using and giving them a really nice paint job , just getting that aluminum off is a huge job in itself ,,, GM had some crazy sticky glue back in the day !!! I will attach pics of the gauge panel , I lightly scuffed the few spots circled with a scotch brite pad , can barely still feel the imperfections, maybe a guy with an air brush or small detail spray gun could respray just the alyminum trim with a fine coat as to not lose the detail of the ribbing ?!?!
  7. I am NOT affiliated in any way with this company ; was just looking for blower manifolds for my 401 and look what I found ....maybe talk nice to this guy for a new dual quad manifold !!!! Buick Nailhead 4 71 Blower Manifold Gear Drive Speed & Custom $ 850.00 Quantity Add to Cart 7-1-2018 Coming soon is our 4/71 buick nailhead blower manifold. This manifold will fit all three eras of nailheads 264-322, 364 and 401-425. Each manifold will be machined depending on cubic inch of engine. We plan to stock these manifolds coming fall of 2018, maybe sooner, we are working on CNC machine programs right now. Cost is yet to be determined but we're thinking $850 zone. Feel free to email or call the shop with questions. 651-485-8075
  8. pyntre

    Oh no, body rot!! :(

    X 100 on wearing some breathing protection !!!!! Some of that stuff will go IN your lungs/body and never come OUT.... ..Nothing to take lightly !!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. pyntre

    64 Body Lines

    That will buff right out .....
  10. Just be present, and aware of the fix when you , or whoever is bolting it back on the engine ... ease into the torque slowly and don’t overdue it ,,, if it cracks again it’s gonna get really hard to fix a second time !!! Great to save a rare piece like that though ,,, money well spent !
  11. That’s a give away kinda price ,, almost seems too cheap ,,, but once in a while you find somebody that does quality work at a fair price ,,, the catch is ,,, make sure it’s quality work !!!
  12. Bunch of 66-67 parts on Minneapolis craigslist
  13. pyntre

    First Generation Dash Pad

    I used the speaker grill to lock the dash pad down into place in the center ,,, fits really nice like that ,
  14. Something like this that would fit the full span of the bent grill square ,, some grinding on a tool to get that dimension might be necessary but then you have Kustom tools to brag about too !!!😁😁👍👍