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  1. I bought 40$ cheeseburgers ... didn’t have any money left for the cars .....
  2. We walked around the Maroon car ... I couldn’t believe how vulnerable a spot it was sitting in , the drivers door wide open , unattended , purses , belt buckles , and people milling by it by the droves ,,, I guess when you’ve decided to sell your car , you let your guard down on its well being ?!?!?
  3. It was original , low mile , but not that nice in my eyes ... there was a stick on pin stripe that was coming off in between the front fender and door jamb ,,, I don’t know , not picking on it , but oh my goodness that’s lots oh money ,,, but here at Scottsdale money is no object . I bought a couple of cheeseburgers for 40 bucks , that’s it🤣
  4. Saw one 64 too for sale , but didn’t get a picture of it
  5. Barrett Jackson / Scottsdale Arizona
  6. Drop the car off 3 blocks from the event and drive it through the gates ,,, problem solved !! Or are the mattress tag police squad going to be there to give you a ticket ??? Find something else to worry about people
  7. When did this thread become another punching bag session on judging a car ,,, think the title is about car trailer size recommendations.... geez
  8. 👍👍👍 Congrats
  9. Hey Psychostang , Can you give us all an update / review on the trim rings when you get them delivered and installed ? Much appreciated!!!! 👍
  10. The eBay link is / are the same ones you have ??? Sign me up !!! Thanks for posting the pics !!! Get a few outside in the sun when / if you can ... 👍👍👍
  11. Looks fantastic ,,, I bought some beauty rings to try on my wheels but didn’t like the fit or lack of a flat lip on the outside edge of them ,,, yours look like they have that flat edge !! Could you get a few more crisp shots close up at a few angles AND post the eBay link ,,, How did the trim rings “bite” into the chrome of the road wheels ? Do you feel they will stay on at speed and around corners??? It’s a great solution for sub par road wheels , which is what I own 😬 ...
  12. If you really want to learn something about auto electric , 12 volt stuff, get in touch with Mark Hamilton at MAD ELECTRICAL ... the nicest guy and a genius with anything that will make a spark !!!