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  1. All the recommended oils are good for our Rivieras. It's your choice.
  2. Mobile 1's 15W-50 is just as good and is only $25 for 5 quarts at Walmart.
  3. h Here is a shot of my '64 original belts made by Hamill. My car was built in April 1964
  4. Here are a couple of photos of the bracket I bought from Clarks many years ago. I had to do a lot of bending to make it fit.
  5. The blower manifold would perform poorly with carburetors. Flow would be miserable for low end performance.
  6. I found that that the '64 is a one year shaft size.
  7. I bought '64 lens after the show in Williamburg. Took 6 months to get them but the quality was good. The only problem I had was they first shipped '63s which are different.
  8. johnrex

    What year?

    T type wheels
  9. My 1965 Wildcat came with the license plate frames in the trunk.
  10. The rule of thumb for weight is a 100 pound reduction is worth 0.1 seconds in the quarter mile!
  11. The real question to ask if you keep the original points and condenser is where will you find quality replacement parts when you need them? I don't know of any good source.
  12. Seventeen years for mine in my 1964.
  13. I used a cross flow Camaro.
  14. R353 is the same number as the heater fan relay. I just ordered one from O'Reillys.
  15. I installed a Rostra unit I bought from Dakota Digital. Good instructions made the installation pretty easy. Now, instead of magnets on the drive shaft, they have a pulse generator which installs at the speedometer cable at the transmission. Had mine for five years.