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  1. I use Kanter's air shocks on my '64. Mounted the Schrader valve below the bumper. They are great when you have a heavy load in the trunk. Not automatic but manageable.
  2. This is the original belt on my '64 plus the maker.
  3. My brand new 1965 Wildcat averaged a quart every 500-1000 miles. Perfectly normal, in fact, some mechanics told me if you didn't burn oil, something was wrong.
  4. Here is a photo of Carl with his best in class award at the 2011 Branson show.
  5. Here is a shot of a very original 1963 at the ROA Meet in Colorado Springs (2014). Housing looks intact.
  6. A bad or leaking diode in your alternator can cause a drain. Check and see if you alternator voltage is lower than normal when running.
  7. The replacement I got from Calvin Clark some years ago is identical to the one on the left. I couldn't find the original plate.
  8. I like Tom's suggestion on the front brakes. Buy a cheap infrared thermometer and check around the front end.
  9. Check the battery voltage when the light is off, should be 14+ volts. If not check the tension, real easy. Might be a weak alternator.
  10. Not that is makes any difference, but that is not a Magnum supercharger. It looks like a 6-71 GM.