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  1. The replacement I got from Calvin Clark some years ago is identical to the one on the left. I couldn't find the original plate.
  2. I like Tom's suggestion on the front brakes. Buy a cheap infrared thermometer and check around the front end.
  3. Check the battery voltage when the light is off, should be 14+ volts. If not check the tension, real easy. Might be a weak alternator.
  4. Not that is makes any difference, but that is not a Magnum supercharger. It looks like a 6-71 GM.
  5. The old adage applies here: 90% of carburetor problems are ignition
  6. I bought a rebuild from Autozone several years ago that I carry as a spare
  7. Been using Mobile ! 15W-50 for over fifteen years in my 1964. No oil leaks to date. With 94,000 miles on the original motor, I believe the 50w is perfect.
  8. Richard has been banned for all design decisions for the last couple of years per the local Dallas car builders.
  9. Here is another shot of the 1966 air pump taken at Monterey in 2009
  10. All the recommended oils are good for our Rivieras. It's your choice.