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1926 Pierce Arrow Series 80 Seven Passenger Sedan

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SOLD 1/31/2013. Thanks to all those who inquired.

Price reduced to 21,000.00

This 1926 Pierce Arrow Series 80 Seven Passenger Sedan is a very original and solid old car that was given a cosmetic restoration many years ago. The body is extremely solid and tight and the doors close like a door on a bank vault. The upholstery is mostly original and well preserved. The paint is probably 40 years old but still looks and shines great. The car is complete with all of its correct Pierce Arrow parts. It starts easily, goes down the road with a solid and tight feeling, brakes and steers well, shifts easily, the engine and transmission are quiet, etc. This is a great nickel-era Full Classic at a very reasonable price. VIN#80-11651. 23,000.00

Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Please call 734-730-4274 or email motoringicons@hotmail.com to arrange a viewing or for more information and photos. Thank you.










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It's a wonderful car at a Model A or T price. Aluminum body, bullet proof drive train and chassis. Easy to service and drive. CCCA Classic, a car that you can't go wrong with. Ed

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These have a vacuum tank. I saw this car during my last trip to Michigan as it was stored next to the Model 48 Pierce that I bought. This is a really solid and honest Pierce Arrow that really looks great with many well preserved and original features. We moved this one to get to my car and it started easily and sounded great. I agree, cheaper than a lot of Model As out there and much more of a car! These sold for nearly 3,500.00 when they were new!!!

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I remember this car well when it was owned in Kalamazoo, MI by a man named Dick Sager who also owned a very nice '28 or '29 Plymouth 2-door sedan. Once, perhaps 30 years ago, I followed Dick in his Pierce from Kalamazoo to Hastings, MI along M-43, a twisty, hilly road that is a blast to drive (incedentally it goes past the Gilmore Car Museum-a good 4 hour diversion along the way!). I was driving my '47 Nash 600 sedan and we simply could not keep up with him. The Pierce cornered flat and level, leaving us in the dust at every curve in the road. If the car runs and drives half as well today as it did then, I suspect it is a fine ride indeed. Does the owner want a 1926 Model T Touring (AGNS) instead? I only have good memories of this car. Whomever winds up with it will be lucky indeed.

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