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Reatta option look up

Barney Eaton

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In one of the deleted post, Ervin ask about white wheel option (N60) code.

Using www.compnine.com you enter a (Reatta) vin number and it will show you the same information as the Service Parts Label, but not just in code.

So I looked for white coupes with known white wheels and tried two different vins and CompNine did not have the vins listed.

Next step was to try a know white convertible with white wheels. I have a GM listing of all 1991 convertibles and it show the ones that were built with white wheels. 14EC13L6MB900251 is one such car. For reference, the list shows 10 white convertibles were built with white wheels. CompNine show 40 when I enter the vin above and sort for N60 code.

I conclude that it is looking at all 1991 Reattas and the 40 is both coupes and convertibles. To me this seem to be a logical interpretation of the results.

Last night I worked on Ervin's original question about how many 1991 white coupes with red interior were built. CompNine says 215 white coupes have red interior.

So I tried the same exercise on red coupes and I am having problems with the results. I have a pretty good handle on the red coupes and it looks like 372. (may be off +/- 5 but lets use that number) CompNine says 402.

That is 30 cars difference. So I thought maybe CompNine is counting red convertibles also, but there were 88 red convertibles made.

Using my numbers (372 + 88 = 460 total) which is 58 vehicles more than CompNine's 402.

One possible cross check would be to run CompNine and sort for all the Reatta exterior colors and see if the totals add up to the known total build.

Maybe I don't fully understand their sort.

The final problem with CompNine as a nonsubscriber is the 3 search limit per day. Just when you start doing some research, they block you for the day.

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Before compnine disappeared, I noted that the number of Reattas it mainly knew about 1990 and 1991 cars - but the counts were slightly lower than other reported numbers. For example, for 1991 production, compnine knows about 1313 cars whereas the wikipedia number are stated as 1519. Likewise, for 1990, compnine knows about 8429 cars vs 8515 at wikipedia.

For 1988 and 1989 cars, compnine only knows about a few of them - 227 and 103 respectively. I have never been able to find a '88 or '89 VIN it knows about.

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When I first started using my dealers computer to look up the info (around 2001) 1990 was the oldes Reatta the GM database had. I was concerned they would drop the oldest year each year, so I concentrated on the 1990 to trap as much info as possible, but it appears 1990 is still there.

I also am concerned/interested in why there is a difference between CompNine and published numbers.

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For anyone with an '88, I have a GM print out that list all the codes and how many of each were produced...... like a lot of these "official" documents, there are some funny codes and number. We also know there were factory sunroofs in 1988 but this document dated 8/31/88 should be thru the end of 1988 production, does not list a sunroof.

Example code K05 = engine block heater, 208 were on cars. NB2 = California emissions = 341

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Does anyone know what RPO code R7M is? It is a sales item code but what is that and what actual content comes with it?

I used Compnine (non subscriber) to search rarity and discovered this code makes a big difference in rarity. I did a search but no luck.

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Many of those sales codes were not packages but actually promotions to sell cars. It may have been some deal where the dealer got extra discount, bundled purchases, etc

There were a lot of thes "sales" codes in 1990 and 1991

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