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  1. ductune

    Yipes stripes

    Funny, all this time I thought it was but you're right, it only has one accent color on the service label. Mine is a 1990 and I've had it since 1992. The added red between the factory black is painted on and makes the pinstripe kind of pop.
  2. ductune

    Yipes stripes

    Didn't your car come with two colors for the pinstripe? Mine came with red bordered with black.
  3. Thanks Barney, The part is the outer one. It's called the Cover Blower Case # 52455957. I've found a few but they were in bad shape. I'm thinking I will end up using some stick-on heat shielding as the plastic cover's only function seems to be insulating the evaporator from heat and noise. I found a 1990 Reatta at the local salvage yard but forgot to get the VIN for the database. Will go back soon.
  4. I decided to replace my evaporator today and discovered the plastic cover is not reusable. It cracked and came off in pieces. It was very soft in some places and just crumbled in others. I think the oil from the leaking evaporator may have helped to break it down. It's had a slow leak forever and I was getting away with just adding R134 to it when needed. Does anyone know of a source that is replicating these covers? If not I'll try to find a good used one. Thanks
  5. It looks like a re-work ticket. I'm guessing there was a repair loop for door panels.
  6. After I posted I started wondering as I too haven't seen any ethanol labels recently. I guess they passed a law awhile ago to only require an ethanol label when it's over 10%.
  7. When did Michigan go ethanol free? Last night??
  8. Based on these numbers it appears it is not going into closed loop. Is the integrator changing value or is it stuck on 128?
  9. "Body in white" was a term used to describe the body as it came out of the elpo dip prior to being painted. The term may have been used differently from plant to plant but that was the definition we used at the Fisher body plants. Some defined body in white as prior to the elpo dip but in any case it was the steel body prior to any assembly operations in the "trim" shop.
  10. Pull the EGR valve off and check for carbon. A piece of carbon holding one of the pintle valves open will cause these symptoms. The integrator is trying to compensate.
  11. You need to put a dab of RTV at each "T" joint. Just like it shows in the instructions. "T" joints are the interfaces, or junctions of the three surfaces; as in oil pan, block and front cover. Production tolerances usually result in a mismatch where the pan rail of the block meets the front cover and rear seal carrier. They are called "T" joints because the sealing surfaces of the three parts form a T. The four spots in the picture calling out RTV are the "T" joints. The rest of the surface should be dry.
  12. Sorry to hear about the cam failure. I've only seen this one other time on a 3800. The likely root cause is a seized cam bearing from lack of lubrication. Once the bearing seizes, the cam gets twisted and fails. Hope someone here buys it and puts an engine in it. Repairing the old one would require line boring the cam bore to prevent a repeat.
  13. None of the valves would be moving if you lost the timing chain. You mentioned some are moving. My guess is you broke a cam so the front cylinders still have function but the cylinders rearward of the point of the break in the cam are not. Never seen this happen but that's one explanation. Another could be bent push rods.
  14. Does anyone know what RPO code R7M is? It is a sales item code but what is that and what actual content comes with it? I used Compnine (non subscriber) to search rarity and discovered this code makes a big difference in rarity. I did a search but no luck.
  15. If you take out bolt "3" on both sides the stabilizer bar will swing down enough to allow the tank to come out.