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  1. You might check for a cracked PVC hose. If that hose has never been changed with that many miles, it probably is bad anyway. It won't hurt to change out the hose and PVC valve if it had not been changed in a long time.
  2. You might try 5 star engine exchange, Glendale Arizona. I bought a Chevy 350 , 325 hp engine from them. I put about 7500 miles on the engine , so far It's been a great engine. It looks like they do quality work.
  3. If everything else checks out, you might check the PCV valve. Sometimes they will stick if they get too dirty and act like a vacuum leak. It probably would not hurt to change it anyway if it is old.
  4. You should not have to replace the sway bars. I think you can still get bushings for the front but not the back. I had to make my own for the back sway bar. I used a piece of clear vinyl hose and some hose bib washers. It took three flat washers on each side of the sway bar. It took some doing with a bottle jack and some baling wire but I got it done. Sorry no pictures. I think there have been some previous threads on the subject. Hope that helps. Happy Thanksgiving
  5. Thanks Jim for the offer, but I had already bought a new one. I'll keep you in mind for the future. I installed the balancer today, runs fine. I'll test drive it tomorrow. Thanks everyone for you help. Mike
  6. Thanks Howard, I am going to change out both. I'll keep and eye on it.
  7. After watching a Youtube video, I'm pretty sure it is the harmonic balancer . I'm thinking about trying an impact wrench to loosen the balancer bolt at first, instead of the breaker bar method using the starter . My manual does not tell me if you loosen the bolt counter clockwise or clockwise. I can't seem to find the rotation of the engine in the manual. It only gives me the torque setting. Does anyone know which way to loosen the bolt. Thanks
  8. Thanks Dave, it will be a while till I get to it to find out. I hope that's all it is. I'll get back to the forum later and let you know what I found out. Thanks
  9. I took my 89 Reatta for a drive today, then I noticed a rattling noise from the engine area. I took a stethoscope and it appears that it is coming from the crankshaft area. There are no codes, the engine seems to run okay except for that noise. I'm hoping it's not a crankshaft bearing. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
  10. If the impact screwdriver does not work, you might try a small sharp chisel with a small hammer. Create a notch on the side of the screw by tapping counter clockwise on an angle with the chisel. I've taken many stripped screws out that way.
  11. My engine had lifting hooks on the back side. I took them off and it gave me a little more clearance .
  12. Just my opinion, but I would leave the side mirrors the original color. I would also change the color of the rubber molding to match the side mirrors if possible. I like the contrast, it breaks it up a little bit. But that's just my opinion. I'm sure it will be beautiful no matter what you decide.
  13. After thinking about it , the temp gauge on the Reatta probably isn't the best barometer for telling you something is wrong. My gauge can wander all over the place on my 89. Living in Texas, I've seen my gauge go up to 233 degrees on a hot day with the air on and at a stop light. I was thinking more in line with other cars I have own. For example, when my Ford Escort reaches operating temperature it stays put, no matter what, unless something goes wrong. But that is not the case with the Reatta. Sorry about that.
  14. I'd keep an eye on the water temperature gauge, that's usually a good indication if things are not going well. I had one go out on my Ford escort wagon. It would rattle for about a month then one day coming back from the coast of Texas , the temperature started to go up and performance started to bog down at a stop light. Then I heard a big bang, it blew the guts of the converter out the tail pipe, but I was able to get back home. When I bought my Reatta I went ahead and changed out the cat and muffler to be sure of no problems. The car had 120,000 miles on it, probably did not need to do it, but that's just me.