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  1. Someday I plan to do the swap. It seems like I get about 2 years out of the Magnavox system, then it's toast. Thanks for that info.
  2. Well, it ended up being either the ICM or the coil pack, I replaced both. The car now runs better than it ever did in the past. Both the coil pack and the ICM did not have that many miles on them. I think this hot Texas heat plays havoc on the electronics with this car. Like some of you have said, it pays to carry a spare with you. I'll have to figure out which one is bad, and keep the other for a spare. Thanks everyone.
  3. I'll check my old plugs to see what gap I had on them. I just took one of them out and it looks pretty bad, probably my problem. Thanks
  4. I know this has been hashed out before, but does .045 plug gap sound okay with standard AC plugs and Magnavox ICM. I heard some use .060 with the updated AC Delco coils.
  5. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, it's been awhile since I checked those plugs. I'll check them out. Thanks
  6. Thanks Ronnie, I'll give it a try.
  7. My car was running fine, then started running rough on the road. I have a rough idle, mid range on rpms it will clear out, any higher it will start to stumble. I had a MAF code E034, so I cleaned the MAF, IAC, EGR valve, still same problem but no codes. I also unplugged the O2 sensor, no change. From what I understand the O2 sensor does not come into play until closed loop, is that right?, if so, then that probably is not the problem. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The ICM and coil pack is not that old, but we know about them, I really need to make the switch. I also bought some gas before this, thinking maybe there is some water in the tank, I don't use the car that much.I also noticed that when using the EGR over ride, #2 and #3 would lug the engine down, but I could not tell much on #1. They all would click with engine off. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks
  8. When I bought my 89 Reatta it had some vacuum leaks. My car had 120,000 miles on it at that time. The main culprit ended up being the PVC valve grommet. They become hard and brittle with time and mileage and prone to leaking. I would have your mechanic spray some fluid just around the PVC grommet area to test for a leak before changing the intake gasket. Like 2seater said, they are buried and hard to replace, probably often ignored. When I went to replace mine it just crumbled into pieces.
  9. Yes, I've used it before and was glad it was there. Thanks so much.
  10. I just bought an old Honda civic for a run about car. The previous owner had rebuilt the AC system and was working fine until just before I bought the car. Thinking it was low on Freon he added some more Freon. I also added some more Freon, which was wrong . It turned out it was a bad relay and also an over charged condition because we both added Freon to the system. The compressor was also cycling every 5 seconds going down the road. I ended up evacuating some Freon until I got lower readings. The low side now reads 32 psi. and the high side reads 220 psi. The system works fine now and no cycling. Just so you know, I don't know that much about AC systems, so take what I say with a grain of salt. From what I understand most cars run about 35 to 45 psi. on the low side depending on ambient temperature. You could also have some air in the lines or an overcharged condition. Just an opinion, hope it helps.
  11. Mine is an 89, white with red upholstery. . Yeah, good luck on finding a competent mechanic, that's why I try to do most of the work myself when I can. I'm glad things worked out for you.
  12. I'm curious, did you have trouble getting your car aligned. When I changed out my struts as well as other things, I had trouble finding anyone to do the alignment. I ended up taking it to Sears in North Austin, Tx. At first the he didn't want to do it, but he kept trying, then finally he got it. It drives perfect now.
  13. You might check for a cracked PVC hose. If that hose has never been changed with that many miles, it probably is bad anyway. It won't hurt to change out the hose and PVC valve if it had not been changed in a long time.
  14. You might try 5 star engine exchange, Glendale Arizona. I bought a Chevy 350 , 325 hp engine from them. I put about 7500 miles on the engine , so far It's been a great engine. It looks like they do quality work.