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1958 desoto firesweep

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Gday all the way from australia. I have recently purchased a 1958 desoto firesweep and am restoring it. I seem to be having a bit of trouble finding anyone here(australia) who knows anything about them so i thought i would ask you guys. I need a couple of things to start with

1: front and rear windsheilds? Is there any other model that uses the same glass pattern? That will make it easier to source one!

2: Chrome trims on the sides? Where could i get these from? is there any where in the states that makes them?

3: Windscreen, doors actually all rubbers for the car? Anyone know where i could get them from.

4: Finally I am chasing control arm bushes upper and lower? Are these the same on any other car to make them easier to get? Or maybe they are easy to get over there, either way does anyone know?

Thanks guys, Any help would be much apprieciated!!

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You should Google around and look for an Interchange Manual that covers 1950s-1960s Chrysler products. These cars DO have some interchangability that will help you. A dealer parts manual would also be good and these would be things you could order online and have shipped over. As a 1950s Pontiac owner I can tell you that you must do your own interchange research to aid in buying the right parts without depending on a seller.

Of course the original factory service manuals are a must and are probably now available on CD Rom. If these books save you a few incorrect overseas parts purchases they will pay for themselves. Joining a Chrysler/Mopar car club would be good too as they usually have Technical Advisors for members. Good luck, great cars, Todd C

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American or Australian made?

If US made, I believe in those years all Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler cars used the same windshield and back window.

I was surprised to find this out. Some years ago I had a friend who needed a replacement roof for a 1959 Chrysler New Yorker sedan. He found a 1957 Plymouth sedan that had the same roof. Careful measurements revealed it was the same length, width, etc.

The difference was Plymouth and Dodge had 1 piece doors with painted window frames. DeSoto and Chrysler doors had bright window frames of extruded aluminum.

Try to find a 1957 -58- 59 Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto or Chrysler to measure. Or maybe someone on here has an interchange manual.

The windows will differ by body type. In other words 4 door sedans had different glass from 2 door hardtops at least the back glass.

If you mean an Australian made DeSoto that is a completely different car that will have more in common with Aussie Chrysler products up to 1962.

Chrome trim on the side, the only source I know of is used parts off another car.

Rubber and suspension, there are specialists who sell these things, like Steele Rubber for rubber. Suspension parts are still stocked by large auto parts chains in the US or can be bought from Chrysler specialists like Andy Bernbaum or Roberts Motor Parts.

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If it is Australian made forget everything I said. Your car is unique to Australia and has more in common with Australian made Chryslers and Dodges.

Best thing to do would be to contact some Australian Chrysler enthusiasts. I'm sure they would have the information you seek.

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You need to join the forward look forum. More info on your car there.

The Aussie 58 Destoto's were the same as the US model. Imported as CKD and assembled in Adelaide. Only 91 came into Australia I think, and they were assembled along side the unique Australian Chrysler Royal. All 57, 58 and 59 models used the same RHD dash to cut down on costs.

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