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Stone guard cleaning


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Maybe a small bristle brush? Time consuming, but I've had the same experience with my father's 1930 Model A. We found a round bristle brush that's like a giant pipe cleaner and systematically shove it into each hole, give it a twist, then move on. Took about an hour, but it definitely made a difference. Fortunately, we only have to do it once every two years or so.

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Ahh, the dreaded Model A stone guard - and even worse, the gigantic Packard stone gaurd - I have had prett good results with a simple bristle brush (like you would use on tires or the kitchen floor) - lay the gaurd flat and kind of angle the brush (tilt it a bit, so it gets into the holes to a degree) and brush across, up and down and diagonally starting at the top of the guard and again starting from the bottom. Flip the whole thing and do the same from behind, if you took it off to polish. Between that operation and the initial polishing I am not sure you will save too much time from Matt's estimate, as I think the whole thing takes around an hour or so, but it works pretty good...

If using Matt's approach just be careful, not sure on your car but I will tell you it's easy to distort the fins on an "A" radiator...

And be sure to follow the procedure with an icey cold beverage! :)

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