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1952 Buick Roadmaster gear ratio.


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i am 37 so obviously this all original 52' roadmaster 2-door is before my time. It was rescued from a farmers field and is in rough but extremely original condition.

After installing all new rear brakes i decided to install new rear lube. In doing so i noticed that it has a 4.10 gear ratio. Is this rare? How is this going to react with the dynaflow in specific on the highway? Once again the car appears to be very original.

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I dont have a shop manual handy but that sounds right. The straight 8 Buick's were known for Torque, not top end. I have a 4.40 rear end in my 47 and I can go all day at 65 comfortably. I can also pull the occasional stump.

Although it still is a final 1:1 trans i assume? I wonder if the Dynaflow is more forgiving with a steeper gear? I just want to be able to do 65mph at times without straining my low rpm designed engine to death.

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