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1958 buicks in australia

Guest rluke

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Hi. This may be a question more for the australian members but I was wondering how many people know of 58 buicks in australia? I would be interested in talking to someone who has a bit of knowledge about them here. I have also been talking to Frank at 58 buick ranch who is very helpful. Thanks for any reply, Rob

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Hi Rob in Victoria.

Checked the register of the combined Buick Car Clubs of Australia ( Qld, NSW, Vic and WA ) and a total of nine 1958 Buicks are listed, five are fellow Victorians. There are a number of other 58's here owned by non members.

I suggest you contact and maybe join the Victorian Buick Club which will enable contact with other members.

This is a link to the web site

Buick Car Club Of Australia

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Just a suggestion:

Go on You tube and type in 1958 Buicks. You will find a good video of a 58 Limited that one of your countrymen brought back from the US and did a beautiful (aka expensive) restoration. Wish mine looked that good!

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Hi Ron

I have just stumbled across your post and I live in Queensland and have a 1958 Buick Special 2 door hardtop.

I did a complete body off restoration before getting it on the road in November 2009.

During the resto I took heaps of photos so if there is anything I can help you with just give me a yell.



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Hi Peter. Thanks for your reply. I was trying to find out if it was worth shipping another 58 over here. I am currently doing up a 58 caballero wagon and going to ship some parts over. I have bought a special and a roadmaster over in the states and I am going to get one parted and put the parts in the other to ship if its worth it. Do you think that an easy restorer would sell ok here? Was your car a hard resto or not too bad? I have taken lots of photos but no doubt I would have missed something. Rob

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Guest pdr521

G'day Rob

I have seen a few 58's advertised in Just Cars and they seem to only be in for a couple of issues so I guess they are being sold. I guess it depends on the condition and price.

I was looking for a 57 when I stumbled across the 58. I have only ever seen two others in the flesh so they are still pretty rare in Aus. Mine had a good body - only rust was in the boot lid and floors where water had been laying. The body was dead straight and when I stripped it it had never been repaired - all the panels were as new.

The resto wasn't real hard just very expensive. Mechanical parts were easy with Kanters and Old cars Inc. able to supply anything you need and even with freight from USA they are cheaper than trying to source locally. Body is a different story and since the 58 was a one year model not a lot of commonality with other models. Hardest parts to find are the front fender eyebrows - they have a factory welded join in the middle and almost all are cracked or missing. I found a guy on eBay called Mike West at RPM Motor Sports and he has a good range of Buick parts. Other people I found good to deal with were SMS Auto Fabrics - they have all original fabrics and can make original pattern door cards and headliners. If you send them an e-mail with the trim numbers of your car they can supply anything you need to make the car original. Also used Waldrens Exhausts for the exhaust system. They can make an exhaust system to original patterns and are excellent to deal with.

One thing that has given me problems is the chroming on the diecast parts. It's been three years since they were rechromed and they are starting to bubble. I have found the Diecast Wizard and had on of the worst bits rechromed and it seems to be OK.

Hope this helps.




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Rather old thread thing, but to add to it, I have a 58 46C special here in Perth


Its right hand drive (converted at some time)


The car appears to have been here since at least 1975


There are 2 rego labels on whats left of the windscreen, 1 1975, the other 1976


I have a bit to do to it, but its not in bad shape, the tires look like they have been there for at least that long


The engine was locked up, but its running now, unfortunately though, it has a knock in the bottom end, so its going to have to come out, the bonus is its not to bad inside and has only 2 rust spots that are very small


I havnt had it long, so I havnt really got that into it, just trying to get glass for it first



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