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1957-65 Imperial Limousines by Ghia for Chrysler

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11 hours ago, 3macboys said:

I just discovered this thread, I had posted some info on these cars a few weeks ago on the Chrysler section under:

1956 57 58 Chrysler Imperial C70 C56 Limousine Info


All of the documents that I had have been sent to the AACA Library and hopefully they are now in reception of it all.


I missed that above thread.


I can bet the "LS2-13676 Montreal SO21500 - there is mention of one other car to Montreal possibly S021499 and 2 to Toronto SO21450 second number U/K " as stated in the literature is part of the fleet for Queen Elizabeth's & Prince Phillip's Royal Tour which included the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway.   A photo of it is shown in the fifth post from the bottom on the previous page.   Not sure who owns those Imperials now.



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And here I was thinking that the Montreal cars we destined for the mafia.  Actually I thought that it made sense that those would be the destinations for these cars only because they were the two main business centres in Canada at the time, but if in fact at least one of them was used on the Royal tour it would explain why someone in the corporate office would want to preserve these notes.  

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4 minutes ago, 3macboys said:

And here I was thinking that the Montreal cars we destined for the mafia. 

If it was TEN YEAR later, you could have been right, though not sure if the FLQ would have driven something so ostentatious.  It would have to have been a special BULLET PROOF model, especially when our current Prime Minister's father instated the War Measures Act to fight them!



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