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    Packards, Imperials and Cadillacs; Vintage Polaroid cameras and vintage video including Cartrivision and reel-to-reel. I love folk and most any kind of world music and have produced professionally released several CDs and LPs for Peruvian singer Yma Sumac. Formerly a journeyman toolmaker, I am a Web and database programmer now and also licensed by the California DMV for Vehicle VIN Verification. I've owned theremins (the oldest electric musical instrument, invented in 1919) since I was ten years old and built my first one and currently have a replica of the type built by RCA in the '30s.


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    I have owned Packards since the mid '60s when, at 16 years old, I bought a 1939 Six in Northern Washington State and it came with a 1940 110 parts car. A year later I bought 1941 Henney-Packard end loader with extension table and owned it until about ten years ago. Also in the '60s I bought another 1940 Packard 110 sedan in Seattle that must have been there its entire life and was low mileage but with the wrong engine. I replaced the engine with the proper one and owned it until just recently when it was sold and went back east. Starting in the '70s I bought newer Packard, the first being a '51 Henney-Packard combination and later a '54 Patrician. I still have the latter. I also bought a nice museum-quality '52 Henney-Packard Nu-3-Way that I sold and which ended up in Australia! After being up to 22 cars at one point, including several 1965 Cadillacs and several '64-'65 Imperials including a Ghia! Currently I have a '51 Henney-Packard military ambulance, two 1954 Patricians, a '56 Clipper Custom sedan, a 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special and a 1965 Imperial LeBaron. I have two newers cars that are also of limited production: 1992 Nissan 240SX convertible which is one of Bly 327 built and a 1985 Plymouth Voyager with the rare Magic Camper option (I've never seen another).

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  1. The “kit car” photo is shown on my Packard / IMPERIAL page but I didn’t look at it before replying to see which year it showed. You’re right of course, it was 1960 when they started using 4-door models.
  2. First time to see a view under one of the earlier models. Starting with the first 1957 Ghia-Imperials, they were based on 2-door Crown models but then at some point, the kits being supplied were 4-door LeBaron hardtops. I’m not sure where 1960 fell in that regard.
  3. The 1965 brochure with the Ghia also shows the LeBaron script. I suspect that they all had it but that over the years some have gotten changed if switching front fenders or complete clips for whatever reason. It seems more likely than an arbitrary decision by a Ghia employee who would have had only the emblems that came with the “kit car” as supplied by Imperial, which was a LeBaron on a convertible chassis. As for the convertible chassis, that means that they had dual exhaust when the LeBaron was single exhaust but more importantly, there were some chassis components that were different between the convertibles and closed cars, such as the driveshaft support, so it was necessary to specify convertible when ordering these things. Once in the ‘70s when I had my 1964 at the dealer’s parts department and ordered the support, I knew to order it for a convertible and I had done so but the dealer, seeing the car outside, ordered the other type. They are completely different.
  4. I’m not sure what I meant by that as mine had the LeBaron script on the trunk lid but it had Imperial scripts on the front fenders. The holes for the front fender Imperial plates were obviously drilled later and the holes for the LeBaron plates were there too and clearly factory drilled so I put on the proper LeBaron plates.
  5. Does anyone had a factory trunk air conditioner unit for a 1953 or 1954 Packard? It need not be in great condition as I have the factory blueprints and can always have a new one made if needed but I would prefer to have an original first for reference before making a new one. Any other 1953-1954 A/C components will also be considered so please PM me with what you have and the price.
  6. In this case the car needing the 7.50 X 16 blackwall tires is a 1951 Henney-Packard military ambulance where whitewall tires would be totally out of place but also the car doesn't even run yet (I'm trying to get it semi road-worthy again) so I just need something inexpensive to use on it while the work is being done. Summit appears to have some but they're tubeless radials (but have a bias ply appearance) so I'm not sure if they will work or not on these wheels.
  7. Still no listing or photos so do you have 7.50 X 16 blackwalls and do you ship?
  8. The tires I was looking for were made specifically for vintage cars and had wide whitewalls so if you have any of those, can you please post sizes and photos?
  9. Allstate tires are one thing but the Allstate Guardsman tires are reproductions of vintage sizes. However, you did not say what it is you have so can you post photos and details? I did find the size I was looking for and got a set in excellent condition for my non-running car and may need one for another car but I would never consider driving farther than around the block on any tire so old tires, even new old stock, likely have little actual value.
  10. Packard Don

    Packard Gas Tanks

    Old post but I'll comment anyway in case someone still needs an answer. The only difference for 1951 was that it was the last year of the whistle that indicated when filling that it was nearly full. 1952-1956 did not have it but are otherwise fully interchangeable. I'm not absolutely sure but I believe that the senior Henney-Packards used the whistle through 1954 since they essentially had the pre-1951 tank but it was not even an option on any others from 1952 through 1956.
  11. It turns out that the longer driveshaft I have would be the one for your car. Interestingly, the shorter one is from a 1951 Henney-Packard on the huge 156” wheelbase which has a shorter secondary shaft to extend it.
  12. Here are some better photos of the factory welds, one on the shaft shown above and one on the identical one that I have. The one with oil on it is the second one. No cobbled together parts in my shop!
  13. No, that’s the way it came from the factory. Depending on the manufacturer (there were several) they all had the weld but the photos made it look odd and I thought the same thing based only on those. The other one like it that I have has the identical weld.
  14. Note that it is extremely rural where my shop is and I am leaving on Monday so there is only one day left (Friday) where there is a possibility to ship so I need to hear from you quickly as I would have to get it packed tomorrow (Thursday). In the meantime, here is another driveshaft that is 58" long but I am fairly certain that it is from a 1951 Henney-Packard and is shown here next to the one on the photos above.
  15. The length is about right but one of your photos shows what appears to be a postwar Ultramatic universal joint so I'm not sure what you are actually looking for. I have both types so can you confirm that we are talking about a 1941 110? These are photos of a 1940 110 driveshaft which is about 52" long center yoke to yoke fully compressed. I don't have a way to extend it to see what it measures but it appears that it can get at least 6" longer if not quite a bit more. I also have another that is also out of a 1940 110 but the telescoping yoke is not there. I have it somewhere but not sure where offhand.