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  1. No wrecking yard or recycler can legally accept a vehicle without current paperwork.
  2. It applies to any vehicle without regard to age and includes trailers or any thing else that uses the public roads but if you keep it long enough it should drop out of the DMV database. They say five years but it’s been my experience that they don’t drop it until later so you may by stuck with it! Best thing is to call and talk with the DMV again and explain the situation and see what they can do.
  3. Your user account doesn't say where you're located but if California, then there will likely be additional fees to re-register it if you did not obtain a Non Op before it expired. Of course, it might make a difference if it has been unregistered for so long that it has fallen from the DMV records, in which case there will likely be no fees to get it back into the system but it would require a VIN verification. It would be to your advantage to simply call the DMV to check its status. I am a licensed California VIN verifier myself and have assisted with vehicles where that has happened but I can't speak directly to the codes so this is from my own personal experience only.
  4. Not to nitpick but the chemical would be a patent as you said but the name would be a trademark. That said, I didn't know that Freon was a trademarked name but it does sound like one now that I think of it!
  5. I need the front clip in excellent un-rusted and undamaged condition for a 1965 Imperial, any model. I do not need the hood, bumper, inner fenders or any trim but only the one-piece outer wrap-around shell. Prefer Oregon or general West Coast location to minimize shipping. Note: I've already tried Wildcat in Oregon and other dealers without success so I'm looking to individuals who actually have one rather than referrals to dealers. Thank you.
  6. I believe these were called the Henney Progress and used the Oldsmobile style although I don't recall whether it was actually on the Oldsmobile chassis or not but they were usually badged as Henney.
  7. The 1951 is a senior 3-door military ambulance on the 156” wheelbase (I have one just like it) while the Henney Junior was on the 127” wheelbase.
  8. I’m at my shop now for another week and a half trying to trace where the blockage is for the left rear brakes. Somewhere between the front and back is the problem but, as I can bleed the right side, it must be in the line to the left from wherever it splits. Do you know where that is or is there a diagram available of the line layout?
  9. Thank you! That’s what I thought but I wasn’t sure.
  10. Thank you for all the great information! Don’t believe that there is a vacuum leak at the booster’s connection to the manifold but all the other things are possibilities. Another is that the emission system is mis-plumbed or has a bad device in it as it seems to have components not on, or different than, those on the firewall tag, which itself is different than the manual! I’ve got it all connected as best as I could with no good guide to follow. You also mentioned the a secondary EGR adjustment but I’m but sure what or where that’s done. The main EGR that was on it when I got it was physically broken and it took a long time to find a new replacement and a lot of money to buy it as it was apparently the last new one in existence! I live in California but the van at my Oregon shop 550 miles away and I’ll be heading up there in a few weeks. Although it’s not my current project, I do want to work on the brakes to see why I cannot pressure-bleed the left rear and that may involve disconnecting the line to the rear from the master. Do you happen to know which line feeds the back axel? Don
  11. I would love to hear more but speaking verbally, unless you happen to be local, is not possible as I’m virtually deaf and do not hear well on a telephone. After the carburetor was rebuilt and the problem started, the shop even took it back out and checked it on a machine that showed proper flow and no vacuum leaks. The emissions system’s plumbing had gotten hoses mixed up around that same time which was my own doing so it added layer of complexity to the issue. Having said that, I found that the brakes have been dragging, ruining the transmission so that it needs to be rebuilt so that might be a major contributor to the problem. The brakes had been replaced but the shop apparently did not check the lines and hoses so, even with only a few hundred miles on them, the rotors were blue.
  12. This one has the Mitsubishi 2.6L engine with the Mikuni carburetor so I’ll have to research about a spacer. Not sure if that problem applies to it or not but worth looking into!
  13. Nice color combination and better than my red with a gray interior. Do you still own it and is the Magic Camper decal intact in the rear window? I allowed mine to fade away without documenting it so now I having no pattern to use in making a new one.
  14. The “kit car” photo is shown on my Packard / IMPERIAL page but I didn’t look at it before replying to see which year it showed. You’re right of course, it was 1960 when they started using 4-door models.
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