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  1. 1909 oil show. Believe it to be 1 of 4 made as seen here, only known survivor and incredible shape. Tin
  2. Correct, that was at our auction This is one of our recent additions for our next auction. The earliest known Oilzum sign. Referred to as the "bucktooth".
  3. I agree that well framed and presented paper looks awesome. I saw an incredible banner from samson tires, early 1900's piece the other week. I hate to guess what the guy spent framing it. I have to catch myself as I see all of this as art, some of it truly amazing.
  4. Recent grab. 8' Dodge brothers double sided tin. Haven't seen this maker before. Truck bed rails, which I thought were really cool. Cut off in the picture if a 42" Dodge Dependable service, the only one I've seen in that color.
  5. The top end of the sign market has absolutely turned into an investment opportunity. The past 12-18 months, pieces have gone up dramatically in price. Especially for the top 5% of rarity/condition. If you're getting into investment grade, your best bet is TAC authenticated items. Your three best bets for auction houses for legit items are Morphys, Route 32 and Richmond Auctions (full disclosure I'm a partner in this auction house). We have every item authenticated by Dan that goes into auction. Nothing beats seeing something in person. Experience over time is the best weapon. You'
  6. 10k on that sign would be a record price. For the sign collectors, the half feather isn't as desirable as the full piece. There is an authenticated 9.5 coming up soon, I'd expect it to go 8 maybe 9 if stars align. Signs the past 18 months and in particular the past 12, have gone up dramatically in price.
  7. I do frame and preserve certain pieces, but when you're talking the volume of what I have, that's just not realistic. Most of the pieces I buy rarely eclipse 100 bucks. The cost of framing for the types of advertising I'm talking about, would surpass the value of the piece. I'm about preservation of certain pieces, it's why I had a custom 20' x 8 ' billboard done in a free hanging frame as it's the only forward look era one I've ever seen. Lord knows I'm infinitely upside down in it, but it's just too cool to do it via the normal ways :).
  8. They're called Drytac hot press. A framing shop in your area may have one. I found a used one near me that's perfect. You cut the board to whatever size you need, lay a special piece of paper down on it, lay what you want foam boarded on it and let it sit, that's it. You can also put pieces in to flatten before doing this. My assistant uses the machine so to be fair, I'm dumb on it. That's how I understand it. Sadly, posters/paper rarely bring the value I think they should. I have 100's of pieces I've been able to purchase very reasonable to fill my walls.
  9. I like paper advertisements. I bought a vacuum press so I could put them on gator board for easy hanging. Framing was getting expensive and the end result is heavy.
  10. This is an older picture, but gives you an idea. I collect forward look era, 55-61 mopar. I do have some of my fathers old race cars, but I generally stick to fins. I've gotten deep into Automobila. I'm starting to expand into non mopar stuff for my personal collection off site, but in here, mopar only. Have the range from chryco, australian signs even some maxwell. I do have some early pieces, including some pre 30's Chrysler and 1910's dodge. I love this stuff and I love seeing the things you guys collect!
  11. I found this thread and thought I'd update with a similar purchase. This is being sold as a 54 dodge postal van. It gets delivered to me today. Hopefully I can go over it and find some info out about it. The visor isn't original, the spare tire contraption isn't original either. It is a flat head 6 and borg warner auto. It is in running condition. I can't wait to get it here and really look over it!
  12. I think I'll end up parting ways with this thing since it's not a real "car". I'll likely end up trying to trade + cash on a restored micro car.
  13. Latest update. Talked to a micro car restoration shop. He believes it was an amusement park ride that someone turned into a car at a later date. Given the construction, I believe this is accurate. There is excellent metal work around some area's and others that looked like it was torched. It also makes sense as to why it doesn't have a windshield nor does it appear one was ever mounted. I have 2 more emails out to restoration shops that specialize in this type of car. Will be curious what they say.
  14. I was able to pull this number off the transmission: T92-148 This tracks back to a crosley transmission.
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