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  1. Just picked up an early piece. I really love the graphics they use in these early advertisements.
  2. It's actually 15%. The additional 3% is for people that pay with credit cards. This puts us at the lowest auction premium for these type of collectibles. Some are as high as 28% at our competitors.
  3. Both of those went to the same collector. The back up bidders on both were different. The moto meter was also very special and it went for 69k in total. Both of the above are over 90 with fee's. We pride ourselves on bringing the rarest and highest condition stuff to market, all of it is no reserve. That's the trick in my opinion to bringing the money out. People need to know they're going to buy. We had about 10-15% of the auction fall through with some great deals for buyers. Our next auction will be in April, when we try and do it all again. So far this is 4 pieces over 2 auctions that are once in a lifetime pieces. Really proud of that.
  4. We have our second auction Saturday. Big jump up for us, we went from 150 to 2.5x that number of pieces. All pieces are no reserve. The level of quality in these pieces, is the best of any auction out there. A few pieces may go crazy, the earliest known Oilzum has no limit, can't wait to see what it goes for. https://bid.richmondauctions.com/auctions/4-2UGQ3W/richmond-auctions-second-annual-advertisingmemorabilia-sale
  5. I finally got this piece up. Was found brand new in the crate from 1953. A total of 5 crates with zero instructions. Luckily I had the sign catalog showing this sign which helped with assembly. Had to have a few small mounting pieces made, but went together semi smooth. It's 17' tall and just absolutely awesome!
  6. Robert, my friends comments: I still feel it might be mounted on linen and have had some restoration with that said I would still value it in the $2500 range properly framed...
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