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Fall Hershey Field Maps for 2011


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No doubt the Hershey Region Members are Very Busy with final preparations for the meet with it being less than 2 weeks away.

Some friends of mine are coming to Hershey for the first time this year and I was wondering when the Field Maps of all the fields will be updated on the Hershey Region website? I would imagine that these maps are done since they would have had to go to the printer of the Program Book by now.

I will suggest to my friends that they purchase a Program Book. It would, however, be nice to be able to see and print out these maps before heading out to Hershey.


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Thanks for the information guys.

I know the Hershey Region is busy with last minute meet business.

Hopefully someone in the region will take 5 minutes to update the web site with the 2011 Maps (including the show field). The Speedster and other AACA publications, etc point people to the Hershey web site for information yet the web site has not been updated. Not the best way to get accurate and timely information out to the public.

Hopefully by the end of this week the Hershey Region web site will have all the maps (including the show field) on the web site.

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The 2010 map on the website is basically the same for 2011. There are no significant changes to the map for this year. If you're going to the Fall Meet, the best thing to do is purchase the Fall Meet program as soon as you get on the grounds. It will feature the map plus a categorized vendor list and their locations.

Good suggestion, Thanks.

It still begs the question that if the updated overall map can be published in the Speedster and all the updated maps (including the show field) has been sent to the printer of the Fall Meet Program how many WEEKS AGO, why has the web site not been updated as of this time? Come on, 5 minutes to upload them and change the link on the web site. Even with the Hershey Floods is 5 minutes a lot to ask of the Hershey Region?

Also, while it is true that the vendor fields do not change much from year to year the SHOW FIELD changes drastically EVERY YEAR. This year is no exception with the changes to classes made for 2011.

More and more people both young and old rely on the information posted on the internet to help them make decisions about how to spend their time and money. Posting accurate and timely information regarding AACA Meets can go a long way to attract both spectators and NEW AACA Members. That, in turn, strengthens the membership and financial stability of the organization be it the Region/Chapter or National Level of AACA.

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Thank You Pat!

Tech Tip for next time. Make sure whoever scans the map images uses an original copy of the map or a page from the program book. Scanning a xerox copy of the maps produces a much less clear/crisp image which distorts when trying to magnify it. The 2010 field maps on the Hershey Region Web Site were scanned from originals or the program book based on how sharp they are compared to the 2011 images.

Thanks Again for your assistance!

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Charlie, the 2011 program is not printed yet! Hence the isue...Patty did what she could quickly to hlep answer the questions.

WOW, I guess things are running behind this year. Sure hope the printer can get the programs done by next Wednesday.

No problem, I do appreciate what Pat and you have done to get this information out.

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