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Has anyone ever put Air Tabs on their enclosed trailer? Here is a link: Aerodynamic Fuel Economy Savers for Road Vehicles They are supposed to cut the drag at the rear of trailer to improve mileage. In theory they create many mini vortex so as to break up the huge suction created by the flat back door on a trailer.

I can only find info and testimonials on their site. So I was wondering if there is any practical experience with them in the AACA membership. We haul a lot of trailers as a group! They have a very reasonable cost if they work and a lot easier to install than a front bubble.

Any opinions would be welcome.


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I have not heard of them until I went searching for mileage improvers for trailers and they stood out in a TT forum as something different. Front end bubbles seem expensive and of marginal improvement on small trailers like a car hauler. They seem to work best when there is a lot of gap between the tractor and trailer on a big rig. That gap also captures air and creates suction to decrease airflow that the bubble breaks up. Air Tab's theory, wind tunnel pics, etc. seem plausible. I just don't like that I cannot find any chatter other than their website testimonials.

R32- I agree with you on their market penetration rate unless they are a fairly new product. With the price of diesel what it is I just went looking around and came across these. Maybe I will call and talk to them.

Thanks to both for your comments. Guess no one has actually tried them.

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Please let me know what you find out - I'm also looking for a way to improve my trailering economy - I even used an open trailer on the round trip to Florida for Founders Tour, and plan to pull open to the Chrome Glidden

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