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Wanted 1990 light gray Horn button LH


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I would go to a u pick and look at other Buicks of the same vintage ie Roadmaster, {I'm guessing], Park Aves, LeSabres, Rivs. They would cost you $5.00

Simple to remove, just use a torx drive on the two screws thru the back of the wheel and the air bag pad pops off, then two torx screws for each horn button, and you are done.

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I have the button you are looking for. Send me an email.

Dave is right to a degree. There were several shades of gray in the other Buicks and while I am not positive I think the only other car that used the specific color you need was the Rivieras.

Lots of time on Ebay you will see folks selling "tan" armrests from Rivieras. Those tan colors are different from the Reattas and only Reatta used the beechwood interior.

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