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34 66S Coupe


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Found a half restored car in a warehouse and was wondering what is a realistic price for the car. It is complete, bodywork mostly done, needs paint dont know if it runs, needs a top insert wood is great. Has a rumble seat and wire wheels. any help on approx values welcome.

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To add images on the bottom of the screen

1) Click on 'Go Advanced'

2) On the top row of your reply box you will see a paper clip. Click on it or on “attach files manage attachments" down the screen-.

3) The 'Manage Attachments' window will appear.

4) Click on the 'Browse' button for that window.

5) A browse dialog will appear. Browse to the location of the file on your computer.

6) Click on the file

7) From the 'Manage Attachments' window click on 'Upload'.

8) Close the 'Manage Attachments' window.

9) Submit your reply when the message text is complete

Be sure to check on the upload screen they are attached by scrolling down

Have also read there is a limit of 2000 pixels when posted as an attachment You can also add images to a gallery. Check your User CP (Control Panel)

For graphics software to resize images (and much more) try IrfanView - Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide. Free to download with many features. Easy to use.

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Actually 2000 pixels (which is a function of screen resolution) would be smaller than a postage stamp on the average computer. If you can resize your photos down to about 300K bytes or so, they can be uploaded to the forum. The forum software will resize to its maximum from that point forward. This is generally what I do in order to insure that I am uploading photos in the largest format that I can get.


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I believe the 2000 pixel limit is on one direction, typically width, which in nominal standard size would probably be 2000 x 1500, or a 3 MP image. I typically resize photos to 800x600 or 1024x768, which makes the file sizes much more reasonable.

8014haar - do you have any photo software that came with your camera? If so, there should be the ability to crop and resize photos as necessary. The one caution I would make is that you then want to save the file with a different file name so that you keep the original high resolution image. Another alternative is to upload them to a photo sharing site, such as PhotoBucket, and then use the links they provide to post them in a thread.

Worst case, click on my tag on the left to send me an e-mail and send a couple of photos at a time. I could resize them easily enough and post them up. I expect to be around most of today, but won't have much computer time tomorrow...and go back to work next week, so that will really put a crimp in my available online time.

From the August Old Cars Report Price Guide:

#2 - $24990

#3 - $16070

#4 - $7140

#5 - $4280

#6 - $1430

There are other guides such as vmrintl.com - you could do a search on price guides...use antique or classic auto in the search terms. Not all online price guides give you pre-war values. Keep in mind that these are guides and are not absolute. Local economic conditions and location of car also play into it.

The hard part in this case is to peg the condition of the car. You've got a good idea of the body condition and the fact that there are several thousand dollars worth of work to have a body shop do a really good job on finishing it off. The condition of other things like the wheels and interior are important as well...if this is a car that is almost complete needing just paint is very different than a car that has some cosmetic work done, but mechanical ignored because the intent was to make a modified car, for example.

The other thing is that you can expect a seller to want to get whatever they have into the car out of it. Sadly this is typical, unless they are desperate for the cash.

If I were looking at this car, I would be ascertaining the drivetrain and interior condition. If both are good, I'd suggest a high #3 price wouldn't be out of order. The book I looked at has a photo of a 56S and it looks great (just familiarizing myself with the appearance of the car) and there were 816 66S produced, so there can't be many left. For me, if this opportunity came up, I would be hard pressed to let this one get away - it is a fantastic looking car.

Good luck coming to a decision.

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Thanks for all your help and professionalism gentlemen, kind of refreshing after Ford Barn. I am working on resizing my pics on my mac. I am afraid it will be hard to judge the vehicle because it is packed in a dark warehouse with several other vehicles. I would say the bodywork is done with no paint, the interior needs restoration and I would think all the mechanicals need to be gone thru. I would think one's definition of a "restored" vehicle varies widely. I think it could be driven for less than 5K, but we have no way of knowing the condition of the drivetrain. It is such a rare vehicle, I am not sure what the owner expects for it. I am concerned that all the chrome and brightwork is not stored with the vehicle. I think I have located most of it at another storage site. There is a 35 sedan next to it that is missing all its chrome because it was left at a replating shop that went bust. What a shame, the care was almost done. I have been chasing this car for 2 years now because it is part of an estate that in in a state of disarray. There are other old Buicks there, perhaps I can help find good homes for them.

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Beautiful car. I wish you well in your attempt to procure it. Did you happen to write down the information from the data plate? I had difficulty trying to make it out from the photo. There are likely folks here who can give you some additional information / confirmation about the car based on that data.

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In viewing the pics and your messages, I do not see a reference to the grill, etc.

With most of these cars that are apart, the puzzle will be to find all the correct pieces. I think we are all curious to know more about the other old Buicks, so if you gat anything on them and I assumne the present owners are planning to sell off everything, some on this forum may have an interest.

Keep us posted.


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There are 4 other old Buicks that may come up for sale at some time. A 35 4-door mostly restored but missing its brightwork, a 37 4 door unrestored, a 37 90 series restored and a late 20s open side car with wooden wheels, unrestored. I work with the owner and when the estate permits, I will help him find homes for these Buicks.

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