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Dash pad removal

Don Hudd

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The center grill is just a snap in but is definatly a "pry out". Once the grill is out you will plainly see the torx screws.

I pulled one at a junk yard where the windshield was out and that time was the easiest there ever was.

This will be one one of those times where you just decide to do it. You may break the center grill, but they are still relatively plentiful and easy to get.

It is far more important to be careful with the dash pad!

I have removed the grills on occasion and what I find works for me is to start just slightly off the center where it bends down and then turns again to the vents. You pry under there with a little pry bar that has a screwdriver handle. [i bought mine at Home Depot] Rotate your wrist [ it is not a straight up and down motion] and it will just "pop". You then work down the vents sliding your pry tool to the next friction spot, tipping the handle up [this is an up and down motion, remember the dash pad!] to pry again. Once you finish that side you then start again at the middle and work your way to the other outside edge.

If you break it you will have to order one from Jim or someone else. It may not be the same color, but they are easily painted.

Reinstall is just as bad as you have to push it back in. You put the side closest to the windshield in place and then push down on the side closest to you. From what I remember you may hear a click/snap noise when it goes back in place. Remember that you have power seats and can move them to a position that gives you the most comfort and leverage.

I have thought about sanding the little bumps off and matching up to the three dash torx screw hole and drilling holes so that the torx holds both the vent grill and dash in place [which in my opinion is what they should have done at the factory].

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Get to, not replace. The plastic piece that the photocell is mounted on also has the mount for the center screw on one end and a screw on the other. Now what is the removable thingie next to the cell ? Day/night sensor ? Had one in my hand the other day but cannot find now.

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After you get into the grill area to replace the photocell one can break off the two little tabs that hold the bulb in. Then in the future should you ever need to go in there again all you have to do is remove the vent cover as the bulb will simply unplug. The bulb will not unplug on its own as there is no place for it to go.

Once you get everything open you will see what I mean.

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Guest Mc_Reatta

Here's 2000 words about the bracket.

PN for the photocell is 21K1382. As with all automotive electrical components, good luck finding a cross reference.

If the dark and bright resistance values were known, a substitute could probably be found at one of the electronics parts vendors.

Photos courtesy of DTerry and John w/2 Reattas.

Photocell in the blue holder at the top.

The other button at the bottom is the thermistor for the solar loading input for the AC.



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