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1975-1976 Electra Park Avenue Registry

Guest Electramanrob

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Guest Electramanrob

If you own (or know of) a 1975 or 1976 Buick Electra Limited with the Park Avenue package, please shoot me an email or reply with specs on the car (colors/options/etc.) and any pictures you can email. I am trying to create a registry of 75-76 Park Avenues still in existence and am creating an electronic album with photos of the cars. Thanks











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Guest Electramanrob

Note: Apart from the pics of my cars (and 2 of my former 75 Park avenues that are now with European owners (the white/white 75 and white/red 75 on the first post)), the rest are just pics I found on the web - not sure how many of these others still even exits (a few were on demo derby sites, like these).





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Guest Electramanrob

So far, no responses/leads on other 75-76 Park Avenues in the club?? Here are pictures of a couple more just found on the internet :











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ive got a 75 park avenue in my garage along with a 75 limited that i have owned for 15 years the park ave has every option except level ride and air bags my limited i doing the car the way i like it. both cars are clean and have no rust holes

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Guest buickapollo455

have one of the Executive deluxe cars 1 of 37 , is bright red and black top with black inner , all options for early number car made on Aug 14 1974, Car in storage, at present. craig

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Guest 500dana

1976 Buick Park Avenue Deluxe, $2,000.

White paint....white vinyl top....red crushed velour interior....40-40 bucket style front power (both) seats with a dual lid, locking console between the front seats....exceptional interior condition....everything worked when stored, years ago....road wheels....damaged left front fender....some rust....bad vinyl quarter & tailight extensions & fillers....455 engine has about 90k miles on it....THIS VEHICLE DOES NOT RUN at present time, although "Turn key" when stored, years ago....sold as a "Mechanic's Special"....call 937-866-3600 (Miamisburg, OH)....THANK YOU.<!-- START CLTAGS -->






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Guest buickapollo455

DELUXE or executive deluxe only goes to the 37 cars made as proto types, of 74 build. this is a 76 only a park avenue then. white car is a little high in restore buy price. paint and body parts will cost over 3000, cars are not worth much even restore, originals low miles is different. The value is not there we just enjoy our biggest car buick ever built. Yes is long than 90 series limiteds of 40s.

I would be interested in white car I have all parts needed , what is your bottom line, does it key turn run? thx

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Guest Electramanrob

Anyone find one of the first "all-optioned" 37 1975 Park Avenues? I believe one club member has one but I dont believe we have any pictures of one posted yet.

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Guest buick*1

Hey Electramanrob

If you come across any Buick Park Avenue's 1975 or 1976 that are for sale please let me know.

My parents had one back in 1976, I see them,or come across them,and they already been sold,

or a demo derby guy got it and crashed it!

Never seem to be able to find one?

I went on photo bucket,but no luck there either?

Mom had a 1975 Baby blue (glacier blue I think the correct name was) like you have,if you ever

decide to sale that one you let me know!

Very nice Buicks you do have! That 75 Park Avenue convertible you have is WILD! lol



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Not a lot of options? Is that why it says Limited on the quarter?

Anyone remember the 1977 Ford LTD II? I bought a nice bronze 2 door that was a couple of years old, plain Jane car. On the decklid it said LTDII-S. I asked the salesman if the "S" stood for stripped.

I do like that black Buick a lot.


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Guest D4705


On the second post of this thread the last picture is of my '76 Electra Limited Park Avenue over in Karachi, Pakistan.

Just recently completed an approx 2000mile road trip across Pakistan.

My dad bought it from the first owner in the mid 80s sold it after a year and bought it back from that gentleman in '94. It has been with us since and is not to be sold.

It has the plus red velour interior. It unfortunately doesn't have the center console. All the typical power options. Power drivers seat but manual sliding passenger seat. Standard tilt non telescopic steering wheel.

It has the standard non posi Federal diff.

Car's dated 01/76, noticed that the tail lights have a '75 date code on them. Don't know if that is significant or not.

She is far from mint, and i don't think she ever will be because as much as it is babied we enjoy her thoroughly.

Only has 49880.4 miles on her.

But due to misuse and severe destruction on the part of the owner between my father's terms of ownership the engine has been rebuilt (bored over 0.010), the transmission was replaced with the TH400 from a '74 Limited we had (beautiful car, shape we couldn't keep her) along with the AC comp and the AM/FM cassette player (this car came with an 8-track).

Been painted twice. Both time a non-original shade of silver/grey. The first a very nice Honda silver, very similar to the original GM/Buick silver. The second time around 7 years ago we went with a Toyota pearl grey to match the vinyl roof which has faded into a lighter shade. The paint is terrible. Looks gorgeous in pictures but quite disappointing in person. When she goes in again she'll come out with the original colour and new roof.

Additional photos below.













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Guest Electramanrob

Here are some original factory specification sheets I thought might be of interest.post-31027-143141886203_thumb.jpg









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Guest D4705

Thanks for all the info! have gathered all this over time from this forum and v8Buick as a guest. Only recently joined v8Buick ('76 Electra - Hello from over in Pakistan).

With reference to the material you posted the car does have the extra-thick padded roof option as well.

Do your '76 Buick 455s have T or Y as the engine code in the vin?

It was a bit confusing but i found some documentation (http://service.gm.com/dealerworld/vincards/pdf/vincard76.pdf) stating that Y is the correct code for the Buick 455 but T is the correct code for the Olds 455. Yet the majority of '76 Electra 455s seem to have code Y.

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Guest Comtesse_Bathory


I'm a new member, I live in France and I bought there is a few days a Buick which could be an Electra Limited Park Avenue 1975.










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comtess. your buick is a limited not a park avenue unless yours is a late one with few options. look at the rear small glass. if its park avenue it will be etched / painted on. I notice that you are missing a few things like ashtray, passenger side mirror , your panel by head light switch looks melted , did you have electrical fire? the front lower turn signals are incorrect. Ive got most of the parts that you need as I have 2 75 buicks. one is a park avenue the other is a limited. if you need parts I may have them except the front turn signals. the front ones are the same 1974 and 1975. 1976 is different. I used to drive my buick on the autobahn and 140-150 km no problem

take the books out of your glove box as it is made of paper and they break real easy

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Guest McHuebs

I have a 1975 Buick Park Ave all original except the power antennae. It has 8765 miles on it with a 455 ci engine. I would like to trade for a pick-up or sell outright.












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