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  1. contact https://plus.google.com/108405733552278540533/about?gl=us&hl=en if you can speak french emanual can help you, if not frederic speaks some english can help you. frederic has odd hours.they have alot of parts. dont forget the time difference
  2. I have the radio bezel and maybe a non working original radio if you need it. what happened to all of the chrome trim ?
  3. comtess. your buick is a limited not a park avenue unless yours is a late one with few options. look at the rear small glass. if its park avenue it will be etched / painted on. I notice that you are missing a few things like ashtray, passenger side mirror , your panel by head light switch looks melted , did you have electrical fire? the front lower turn signals are incorrect. Ive got most of the parts that you need as I have 2 75 buicks. one is a park avenue the other is a limited. if you need parts I may have them except the front turn signals. the front ones are the same 1974 and 1975. 1976
  4. where u located buick one ive got one in my garage I maybe convinced to part with for the right price made 11 1974 every option from factory icluding posi
  5. ive got buddies in france that own a renault garage they have alot of Renault parts pm and let me know if you want thier address their son speaks english
  6. Ive got clean dash pad if anyone needs one its ta in color Im in nc
  7. i listed a a set of pass and driver on feebay then I found this tread
  8. here is a few pics of mine park avenue on the v8buick site 1975 park ave shag carpet - V8Buick.com
  9. here is some info and pics on my park avenue 1975 park ave shag carpet - V8Buick.com
  10. ive got a 75 park avenue in my garage along with a 75 limited that i have owned for 15 years the park ave has every option except level ride and air bags my limited i doing the car the way i like it. both cars are clean and have no rust holes
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