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47 lincoln paint

old car fan

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Really do not want rattle can the parts,i can get it matched ,a true formula,would be better.I still feel ,the original color of the column was light green.No maroon at all,so what do we do?The whole car ,as we have been through it has been light green,dark green ,and black,everthing.Even the overspray.Help us figure this out>

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Guest B1rdman

i doubt this will help but it is the formula


246-33097-M Llincoln maroon

25 3/4 oz 246-0373-M Light maroon

3 1/4 oz 246-0376 M M Medium light Maroon

2 1/2 oz 246-0097 White

1/2 oz 246-020 Black


32 0z of Lincoln Maroon

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Old Car Fan, The "freshened" '47 Lincolns that came out in the spring of '47 had new interior colors. They offered tan, gray, and green for the dash and garnish moldings etc, depending on the interior trim. The steering column,shift tube, shift lever and turn signal lever also came with these new colors it seems. There ia an article in the TWOTZ March-April 1997 that explains the changes that were made to the '47 cars.

I had a '47 club coupe with the "green" option and that is how it was trimmed.

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Guest palosfv3

Finding accurate colors regardless of if its for the Lincoln in question or any old car in general are sometimes difficult to to match up . Toners used to mix the paints have changed in hue over the decades. I can only suggest checking the online info of one of several paint manufacturors to see if there are current formulas available for the application. Surprisingly there is much still listed but can be difficult to find , especially if you dont have vendor access to the files. Since many of these are solid colors there are several options beyond the manuals. Taking a sample to your local PBE store is a necessary trip. They can either shoot the sample with a color spectrometer and comeup with an accurate formula. or they have fleet color cooks that will have a sample that is extremely close. Du Pont as an example has a color library of several thousand chips.


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