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What Is It-Reman. Part


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i,ll add a little to that , to me it looks like a remote power booster , in other words it can virtualy be fitted anywhere on your car. i have one (not a remac )very simalar fitted to my 1960.s series two land rover , and one to my 54 DeSoto diplomat , and have another one i intend to fit to my 39 S6 DeSoto , as long as your brakes have been reconditioned there is no problems (although if your car is going to show,s and being judged you would lose a lot of points if one was fitted ,) i do,nt and do,nt have that problem and my car stops when i want it to

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Guest raywilks

i believe it is 55-56 ford optional pb booster. not sure if brackets are passenger or t'bird. two seater birds used it for all 3 years[55-57], thanks.

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