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  1. NOS parts specific for 1960 Plymouth NOS 2/$15 free shippng 2 pr/$20 free shipping
  2. Just ran across a 47 Plymouth dash clock and need to test it for operation.. It would most certainly be 6 volt, but I am unsure if it would be negative or positive ground for testing purposes and I want to be sure I don't accidentally fry the thing when hooking it up. Anyone? Thanks! Dave Schwandt finsruskw@iowatelecom.net
  3. NOS #1494706 rt upper grill mldg fits 54 P25-1. Has 2 very tiny dings on extreme upper edge. $12 PPD in USA Will ship Int'l for actual fees. Thanks for the ad!
  4. I have 2 sets (pairs) of these for sale, listed on the original box as fitting all 1940 Desoto and Plymouth. This number is the same as 939718 and 858383 that fits 35-40 model cars as well. 1 pair is missing the bushings and the other is complete and has never been unsealed. $10 for the broken set and $30 for the unbroken set plus shipping from 52041 About 3 pounds per pair. Or I would take $35 plus shipping for all. Thanks for looking!
  5. Thanks for your reply PayPal info is finsruskw@iowatelecom.net Mailing address for check or M/O Dave Schwandt 11 West 4th Street Earlville, IA 52041 Item will ship USPS priority Thanks!
  6. Thank You!! That is a big help! Now, if I can just find a home for it!!
  7. Just like the title says. I need some good close up shots of the ends of right side fender mldgs , front and rear from C-47 and C-50 Chryslers I have several NOS Moldings for these cars and trying to get a positive ID for them. The one in question at present is about 65 inches long, die cast (5 lbs) w/8 studs and has 2 sets of part #'s cast into the back side 1303090 and 1308518. finsruskw@iowatelecom.net Thanks!
  8. Still trying to figure out what this fits. Anyone have an idea?
  9. I tried the vinigar route with several NOS plastic arm rest bases and it destroyed the color. I wound up with grey bases when they started out gold colr. Obviously the color was not through the plastic. I am now facing the same problem with some NOS pieces for a 1955 Plymouth. Parts are brand new but about 1/2 covered with mildew. However these appear to have the color (bluegreen) as part of the molded plastic and not baked/added/sprayed on after molding. Dave S.
  10. #1137-240 still available @ $20 plus shipping from 52041
  11. Splash shield #1903-692 is sold! Hood #1903-932 is sold! Rocker panel #1651-155 is sold Thanks!! Dave S
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