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  1. NOS parts specific for 1960 Plymouth NOS 2/$15 free shippng 2 pr/$20 free shipping
  2. Just ran across a 47 Plymouth dash clock and need to test it for operation.. It would most certainly be 6 volt, but I am unsure if it would be negative or positive ground for testing purposes and I want to be sure I don't accidentally fry the thing when hooking it up. Anyone? Thanks! Dave Schwandt finsruskw@iowatelecom.net
  3. NOS #1494706 rt upper grill mldg fits 54 P25-1. Has 2 very tiny dings on extreme upper edge. $12 PPD in USA Will ship Int'l for actual fees. Thanks for the ad!
  4. I have 2 sets (pairs) of these for sale, listed on the original box as fitting all 1940 Desoto and Plymouth. This number is the same as 939718 and 858383 that fits 35-40 model cars as well. 1 pair is missing the bushings and the other is complete and has never been unsealed. $10 for the broken set and $30 for the unbroken set plus shipping from 52041 About 3 pounds per pair. Or I would take $35 plus shipping for all. Thanks for looking!
  5. Thanks for your reply PayPal info is finsruskw@iowatelecom.net Mailing address for check or M/O Dave Schwandt 11 West 4th Street Earlville, IA 52041 Item will ship USPS priority Thanks!
  6. Thank You!! That is a big help! Now, if I can just find a home for it!!
  7. Just like the title says. I need some good close up shots of the ends of right side fender mldgs , front and rear from C-47 and C-50 Chryslers I have several NOS Moldings for these cars and trying to get a positive ID for them. The one in question at present is about 65 inches long, die cast (5 lbs) w/8 studs and has 2 sets of part #'s cast into the back side 1303090 and 1308518. finsruskw@iowatelecom.net Thanks!
  8. Still trying to figure out what this fits. Anyone have an idea?
  9. I tried the vinigar route with several NOS plastic arm rest bases and it destroyed the color. I wound up with grey bases when they started out gold colr. Obviously the color was not through the plastic. I am now facing the same problem with some NOS pieces for a 1955 Plymouth. Parts are brand new but about 1/2 covered with mildew. However these appear to have the color (bluegreen) as part of the molded plastic and not baked/added/sprayed on after molding. Dave S.
  10. #1137-240 still available @ $20 plus shipping from 52041
  11. Splash shield #1903-692 is sold! Hood #1903-932 is sold! Rocker panel #1651-155 is sold Thanks!! Dave S
  12. Can deliver to Carlisle Deposit req'd befor loading All parts are NOS! Always stored inside! PM me for price/photos 2445-300 '65 Chrysler lower radiator splash pan 1903-692 '60 Dodge splash shield 1964-129 '60 Plymouth 4dr hdtp lf rear door assly 2493-425 '65 Chrysler 4 dr sedan lt rr door assly 894-486 '39 Dodge lower A-frame 1318-178 '40-41 Chrysler DeSoto '6' A frame 1964-132 '60 Dodge Seneca-Dart rt rear door assly 2259-163 ' 61 Lancer driver door 2 dor sedan assly 2253-116 '63 Dodge exc 880 Hood Thanks! Dave S
  13. Lower control arm, NOS fits 39 Dodge $50 plus S&H from 52041 Can deliver to Carlisle with $25 down payment. Tried to load pictures w/no luck. Can e-mail upon request Thanks! Dave S
  14. Due to my 300-F having laid down big time on me I will be driving my pick-up to carlisle this year and will be able to deliver any or all of the following parts to Carlisle in July. I will be with the 300 group, just down the street from the FL tent. Require 50% down pmt, balance due upon reciept at Carlisle. Photos available. I will not bring anything that does not have a down payment, prices include shipping to Carlisle. All parts are NOS. Sheet metal is in factory primer. Check your parts books. P= Plymouth, D=Dodge, S=DeSoto, C=Chrysler, Y=Imperial 1137-240 Axle shaft, 30-5/8" long 10 splines 49 D S C '6' & 49P $75 1137-137 " " 32-1/4" long 10 splines 37-48 some $75 (2 available) 1137-136 " " 32-1/4" long 10 splines 37-48 some $75 (2 available) 1304-453 Door skin LF Frt 49-50 P $50 1544-850 door skin LT RR 55 P $50 1618-525 1 pair coil springs 56 P 3 pass coupe $75 pr 1635-957 torsion bar, LH 44-5/8" long 57-58 P D S $125 ea. (3 available) 1651-155 Left Rocker panel, 57-8-9 Y 4drs $100 1730-825 Brake drum & Hub assly, 11", lt frt 57-58 S Firesweep $50 1733-932 Cyl head, RT V-8 W/air suspension 57-61 Many app's $100 1781-357 & 358 pair door step plate and panel 60's Dodge Truck $175/pr will not separate 1832-524 Lower radiator splash shield 59 D $80 ea. (3 available) Mint used grill assly (3 pc) 57 Chrysler Windsor $150 1903-692 Splash sshield 60 D exc Dart $80 1903-932 Hood, all 60 D $150 1963-787 1/4 panel, inside right rear, sedan 60 Seneca & Dart club sedan $80 1964-132 Door assly, rt rear sedan 60 D Seneca & Dart $150 2093-790 1/4 panel extension 61 D & Dart $75 2259-163 Door assly, driver, 61 Lancer 2 dr sedan $150 Thanks! Dave S
  15. If its a 300K it will/should have a 413 and should be stamped V41 HP The 300 "Sport" used the 383 and the Newports came equipped with the 361 Dave S.
  16. Gary Goers has the rubber boots for the starter solenoids Item #321 on page 25 of his catalog. The latest one I have is 2 years old and the price was $5.45 Dave S.
  17. They look to be fender mldgs I can locate thgem and post some pics. Dave S
  18. I have several NOS moldings for a 49 Chrysler part #1256-516 and #1296-952 I'd like to find a home for. Photo available upon request. Dave S.
  19. NOS part never installed part #1318178 lower A Frame fits the following cars: 40-41 Chrysler and DeSoto '6' 40-53 Dodge '6' 40-54 Plymouth '6' Photos upon request $30 + S&H Dave S.
  20. Photos are now posted. The 1st one is #951-299 and is still a sealed box. I did not want to open it. I hope you can read the part #'s on th rest of them. Thanks again!
  21. I have the following tie rod ends NOS for sale. Part #s 951-297, 298, 299, 300, 301, and 304 All are listed as fiting the 36-38 Plymouth and Dodges. Some fit 37-39's Have multiples of some #'s $25 each plus shipping from 52041 Thanks!! Dave S.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
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