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1927 Chevrolet - Info?

Guest iukini

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hi, a new/novice to the hobby...i hope to acquire a few good leads here.

i have stumbled upon a vehicle i would like to purchase, which appears to be in original condition - from my hours of research this morning, it appears to be a:

1927 Chevrolet Landau 4 Door Sedan (per pics/research/comparisons)

seller is asking $7000, while thats not too much of my concern (although i feel its several thousand high as its NOT immaculate by any means), my immediate questions/concerns are:

- how can i isolate the EXACT make and model?

since the owner doesnt know this information as no title is available from what she says, it was inheritated 15yrs ago and nothings been done

- where can i get stats on this vehicle?

potential value, model information, details, books, charts, diagrams, production information, etc.

- is their an existing aftermarket for this vehicle, specifically the body/mechanical/electrical parts i am sure it will need?

if so, recommendations would be fantastic

- any suggestions on how to locate service providers, shops, mechanics, etc. on this particular vehicle?

thanks for your feedback and i appreciate any input received!

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Guest Gary Hearn

BEFORE you think about putting out $7,000.00 for a car I encourage you to be sure the paperwork is in order! Without a title there is no way to subsequently prove that you are the owner or that the individual you purchased if from was either.

In some cases older vehicles are title exempt and if this is the case, you need to ascertain from your DMV what documents you will need to secure a title. I would hate for you to spend your hard earned money and then not be able to get it on the road, or worse yet, lose the vehicle.

I will let others that are familiar with this era car to advise you on price.

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thanks, appreciate that heads up...

yes, the title is already in question...seems the seller acquired from fathers passing in 2000, in turn, title was never actually transferred to seller.

i inquired about power of attorney or estate rights, to which seller cited nothing other than death certificate.

any sale cash offer will be contingent upon complete, legal and full title transfer at local registration office, thats certain!

major concerns are proper vehicle i.d., value (range) and more importantly, availability of after market parts for future repairs. i have NO clue about 20's Chevys???? =)

appreciate your time...thanks!

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Guest Gary Hearn

I think your best chance at an accurate estimate at value is to take and post some pictures as well as the information off the data plate on the car.

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hi, appreciate the information....and the help.

going to actually SEE IN PERSON the vehicle, hopefully this week.

appears to be worth it from what i have read/seen on the internet.

just really concerned about the post purchase needs (service, parts, etc.)


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Mechanical and body parts are available through clubs, internet, etc., but nowhere near as readily as for a Ford. As was said above a picture would let someone identify the exact model.

The biggest concerns on a 1927 Chevy are:

1) the condition of the wood. The bodies consist of metal panels stretched over a framework of wood and I don't believe anyone is reproducing wood for a landau sedan. Check particularly the condition of the top ( for weak support bows) and how the doors hang. If the doors sag (and they usually do) it's a sign of weak door posts.

2) Engine -- frequently the engine has been changed out and judging from EBay listings there are probably more 1927's with 1928 engines than with 1927 engines. In those days the engines weren't very durable and the 1928 was improved over the 1927 engine. When the engine failed it was just as easy to drop in a 1928 as a 1927 engine and they were more more powerful and more readily available. Look at the exhaust manifold. The 1927 had a single exhaust port, the 1928 two.

The other thing to be aware of is 1927 was the last year for 2-wheel brakes. A '27 Chev is not the best choice if you plan to do much driving in traffic. That said, it's a really "cute" car and a good choice for a collector who wants something a little different but still easy to maintain.

Good luck,


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hi all, okay - seller sent me a picture, which hopefully is now attached.

now awaiting remaining tag/id info, seller may get it or i will when i go see it.



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I have a Frankenchevy. Titled as a 26 it looks much more like a 27 and has a 28 engine in it. Parts are readily available once you know where to look.

While driving it in heavy traffic has its downside, to be nice about it, it is still a fun car to drive. Only having rear brakes means I keep that much more distance between my car and the one in front of me.

Up until I started preperations for painting I used to drive mine several times a week. It's a fun car and always gets attention.

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hi all, okay...any FINAL inputs would be appreciated - seller is collecting offers for a few more days, then says is selling!

- from what i have heard about the details/pics below, the paint and interior are NOT original.

- the brake system is 2 rear wheels only, which is concerning

- the numbers below confirm its a 1927, but not much else such as body or manufacturing plant location

- the engine IS LEAKING both, Oil and Coolant already.

- engine starts, runs and when seller drove it other night, said it actually stalled - but took about 10min to restart.

finally, if i were to present an offer, i am thinking $4000/cash would be my maximum amount, does anyone here think this is fair/reasonable, or a great deal, or not worth presenting to a seller asking $7000????

thanks for your time/considerations - WHAT A LEARNING EXPERIENCE this has become in recent days....whew!

thank you.

here's additional information presented to me by seller:


The model of the car is “CAPITOL”, the car number is AA19597, the radiator has a tag that says 246C 1927, at the bottom of the engine block there is a number, it is 346709 and at the top near the valves, there are two numbers A267 and 346709


Additionally, heres a few more pictures





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These old Chevys are known for leaking oil. As long as it's leaking oil you know it has oil in it. The old water pumps have an adjustment on them that covers a seal. Every once in awhile that seal shrinks or wears out a little and you tighten that big brass nut on the front of the water pump. Some will say that is should be left loose enough to still drip a little water but I am not in that camp. Point being, I wouldn't worry at all about the oil leak unless it is severe and neither would I worry about the water pump. The seal can be replaced if need be and the parts for a complete rebuild are readily available.

I would think the car is worth at least $4,000 if it runs or can be made to run fairly easily. It appears to be solid and complete.

PM sent

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Looks like a good car from the pictures but I would scrutinize the wood. Especially the sills and door pillars. An ice pick poked into some inconspicuous locations can tell you a lot. If the car is solid, I wouldn't have a problem going $4k or a little more. It all depends on what you want to do with it. In my opinion based on what I've seen, fully restored, the car is probably worth $8k to $10k here in CA depending on the quality of the restoration. That doesn't leave you much to work with if you want to restore the car and get your money back at selling time. If on the other hand you just want a good driver OR money isn't an issue, it may be the right car for you.

Best wishes on your decision.


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