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1930 Dodge DC8 Radiator Cap

Guest WoodridgeDodge

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Guest WoodridgeDodge

Hi there, I'm a new member to the forums, so this is my first post.

My wife's grandfather purchased a DC8 1960's, because it was just like the one his father owned when he was a child. It has been a work in progress since then. In the last couple years I have begun doing most of the wrenching on it as he is growing less flexible, and I have been honored to help.

While there are still a lot of details to restore, it's very drivable and display worthy. In fact, Memorial Day 2009 was the first time the car was on display since he has owned it! He let me drive it in the local parade. What a blast!

So there's the background.

Here's the first question.

I've done a little looking around on the net, but haven't found any reproductions or replacements for the beauty of a radiator cap that was originally on this car.

Here is an image of what we have with some primer on it.

Know anybody who could fix/remake something like this? Anyone have one?

I'm assuming that most 1930 model year Dodge rad caps would work, is that correct?

Any ideas or guidance would be helpful.

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That is a beutifull car Ben, John is right David is defanitely the most knowledgable, I am surprised that you have been at it this long without speaking with him. He has helped me many times throughout the years with my own car. He is in Orgeon so be aware of the possible time zone difference.

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