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  1. This is a frame from a 1930 pontiac sedan. It has the wooden wheels with the indian head center. The frame is equipped with mechanical brakes, knee action shocks and still has the steering box and shaft attached. The frame is in very nice shape. This can be a real time saver during your restoration. Not sure if it will fit other GM applications. I am asking $1200. I am located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. If you desire any other photos or measurements please PM me or e-mail me at pontiacnut@gmail.com. Thanks for looking.
  2. 1929 Graham Paige Sedan , side mounts, 56000 original miles, Body great, Hydraulic brakes, 6 cylinder engine, Had broken valve spring and parked in 1950 . thats fixed , engine turns over, new top and wood, o miles on 6 tires, solid car, needs restoration , $7500 Bob , Napa Ca
  3. Hello, I have a 1930 Ford Model A Murray body Fordor sedan. I am having issues with the exhaust not staying attached to the manifold. Does anyone know of an alternative clamp that will work? The flaring on the pipe is small and inefficient. I can't find a alternative clamp. With the searching I have found, Aries Limited has a muffler system with the appropriate size flaring. I have the small aftermarket flange on my exhaust and the flange is too small and the clamp does not clamp on it well. The pipe slips out no matter how tight I get the clamp. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am trying to keep the cost down without having to spend $200 on a new system. I have attached a picture to show the differences in the flanges from Aries Limited site.
  4. I have a 1930 dodge sedan and I need some parts. hood, drivers door, grille shell, headlight bar & others. lmk if you have anything. Nate midwesthybrid_swap@yahoo.com 608.442.6390
  5. My chrome lost my parking brake trigger, and its become a mess even for stopping when running the car ordinarily. I guess many circa 1930 GM parking levers may fit. Below is a picture of the car, pre restoration and you can see the handle trigger right there. http://i1142.photobucket.com/albums/n607/pistorman/1929%20Buick%20Marquette%20Model%2037/IMG_2816.jpg http://i1142.photobucket.com/albums/n607/pistorman/1929%20Buick%20Marquette%20Model%2037/IMG_2813.jpg Thanks! Victor Spring, TX
  6. Very Rare ~ Excellent Condition. Continental Straight 8 Cylinder Engine. Runs Well. Burgundy Interior - Beautifully Finished. The Pictures Do Not Do This Beauty Justice. Wonderful Collector Car - Beautiful Addition to Weddings. $32,000 Canadian
  7. This little beauty just won the "Best in Class" at the Festival of Speed, Ritz Carlton, Orlando, FL December 1, 2013. This is a great buy at $20,500!
  8. i have many parts for sale for a 1930 coupe. Here is a list of what I can remember. Hood- in great shape Frame- great shape 2 head light bars head light buckets straight six flathead 313041-1 and 310229-2 and 3 spped transmisson with pedals seat springs 2 frant fenders 4 rear fenders lots of small parts 4 wheels (wooden spokes) i know this stuff is good for restoration and I will not scrap it, but it is currently in my way and need to get rid of it. i would rather see someone who needs it for their project get it than it sit in the corner of the shop. I will make someone a great deal, Please feel free to contact me for pics of specific parts or inquire about something I forgot to mention here. 417 594-03 six six or philiphaley@hotmail.com
  9. I picked these up for a project and have been given conflicting information on make/model/year. Anyone have any insight? Most late 20s fenders are more like a 'splash panel'. As fenders evolved the side skirting increased, hiding the frame rails and spare tire wells (32-33). The 'pocket' like coverage of the fender increased and amount of coverage in front of the tire increased (34-35) until the fender reached the bumper. These fenders are unique with dual spare tire wells and stamped raised reveals on the rounded pocketed front edge where pin stripes typically come to a point. In addition to these unique attributes, the fenders are somewhat of a conflict in history. When fenders have this much side skirting they typically do not have a spare tire well (let alone dual wells). And when you have rounded bulbed front edge the fender typically comes down farther toward the bumper. The mounting hole on top the fender is for a light. Inside the fender there is a hard conduit with a single electrical wire. Mounting holes on the inboard hump of the fender seem consistent with a headlight bar making the top light a marker light. I've studied thousands of pictures, the closest I have found is a 1931 Nash Ambassador.
  10. I am working on a Deusenberg Restoration and am looking for parts; any sincere help and suggestions would be appreciated. Looking any parts, especially the following: Bijur Lubricator System or Parts Headlights Tail Light Front Bumber Rear Bumber Front Hubs, Complete or Parts Chronometer Gages Steering Wheel Buffalo Wire Wheels
  11. I am looking for driving lights, radiator cap, steering wheel controls, driver's door window crank and luggage rack.
  12. I am looking for driving lights, radiator cap, steering wheel controls inside door window crank and luggage rack.
  13. 1930 Graham Paige grille, very rare in great condition for its age. I'm not familiar with parts for a Graham so Im open to reasonable offers.. ghhatley@hotmail.com Graham [ATTACH=CONFIG]164894[/ATTACH]
  14. Hi. Just thought you all should know there are a boat load of 1930 Reo parts up on ebay right now. 8-28-2012. All these items are in Cleveland Ohio. They can also be picked up at Hershey. Check out ebay seller jpeg1. Just thought you'd want to know! Click this link: jpeg1 | eBay
  15. Hello all, I have lots of 1930 Chrysler parts for sale. Here is a list of what I can remember. If you need something and it isn't listed please ask, I may have it. Head lights (not in the best shape) 2 head light bars 2 front fenders 4 rear fenders Straight 6 flathead CJ motor - the motor turns over and has all the equipment with it(generator, starter with pedal, carb, fuel pump, exhaust manifold, intake manifold) Transmission- 3 speed manual with parking brake, clutch and brake pedals Original wooden spoke wheels in fair shape seat springs Original frame in exceptional shape leaf springs lots of small parts All of this is for sale or trade. If you are interested please give a call to discuss or email. 417 594-03 six six or philiphaley@hotmail.com
  16. [ATTACH=CONFIG]145708[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]145709[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]145710[/ATTACH] Hi. Was wondering if I could have help identifying these Rear Tire Mounts. I was told one of them is from a 1930s Reo and the other off of a Packard? Thanks for your help.
  17. I have four and a half boxes of packing for Dodge water pumps. The part number is 309082. I am not sure what years it would work for, it came in a WWII/1943 foot locker. I tried searching on the internerd and couldn't find any information. If you are interested in purchasing these, make me an offer. I'm located in the Bay Area, Ca. I just want someone who could use them to get them, thanks for looking. Thanks, Jay email at doz2977@comcast.net
  18. I have a 1930 (We believe) Dodge Brothers 1 Ton. Serial D229XXX. It came with 4 cylinder Silver dome engine. However, I believe the carb has been swapped and the air cleaner is missing. Can anyone tell me what the correct carburator for that engine might have been? And where I might find one? - George
  19. Hi there, I'm a new member to the forums, so this is my first post. My wife's grandfather purchased a DC8 1960's, because it was just like the one his father owned when he was a child. It has been a work in progress since then. In the last couple years I have begun doing most of the wrenching on it as he is growing less flexible, and I have been honored to help. While there are still a lot of details to restore, it's very drivable and display worthy. In fact, Memorial Day 2009 was the first time the car was on display since he has owned it! He let me drive it in the local parade. What a blast! So there's the background. Here's the first question. I've done a little looking around on the net, but haven't found any reproductions or replacements for the beauty of a radiator cap that was originally on this car. Here is an image of what we have with some primer on it. Know anybody who could fix/remake something like this? Anyone have one? I'm assuming that most 1930 model year Dodge rad caps would work, is that correct? Any ideas or guidance would be helpful.
  20. 1930 Buick 4-Door - Sedan -- Original and 95% complete, matching serial numbers for engine and body, by Fisher, indicating the engine has never been changed out. It looks like a basket case and it is But this baby is 95% complete and with many additional parts. (Doors are in the garage) A New Mexico car it's entire life, you will not find a better parts or restoration car! Looking at all CASH offers. Call Bud (5O5) 877-8412. Please do not call after 8pm mst. Will not ship, you must be able to come pick her up. Pictures on craigslist here: ▬► 1930 Buick - 5 Window Sedan
  21. Friends, I am restoring the car and I have problems to discover the function of the steering levers. I think both have different functions. But I'm not sure because I have no user manual. Another question is about the command of light, how it works ... If anyone has pictures, or that part of the manual, I'm from Argentina and things from e-bay never come here. Thank you very much!
  22. Looking for the Duesenberg, Model J Parts, 1929 and 1930 for a Roadster, would appreciate any sincere leads or contacts. Am interested in any parts but especially the following. Front Bumper Rear Bumper Head Lights Tail Light Gages Chronometer Steering Wheel Horn Button Horn and Horn Parts Bijur Lubricator, Complete, Parts or Components Front Hubs Rear Axle Buffalo Wire Wheeles
  23. Looking for (6) 1930's classic cars for an event in April in Amelia Island, Florida. Does anyone have any ideas on who to contact for assistance with this? Would need owners to stay with cars as experts - would only need cars for about 4 hours (6-10PM).
  24. Hello everyone. I saw an ad from 1929 for the '30 Buick and I was wondering if there might be a place where the original photo could be archived? While the ad is a nice reference, it would be great to have a higher resolution image. Thanks, Shaun
  25. Guest

    RJH-08 Carburetor

    Does anybody know where I can find a float for a 1929-1930 Carter RJH-08 carburetor? It seems like the float is pretty basic. I was wondering if I have to restrict myself to the Carter carburetor or to the years 1929 - 1930 to find a float that would work. Would I be able to expand my e-bay searches to include other carburetors that have the same float?
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