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  1. Great Photo Dave and thank you for sharing it with me. I don't think I have this one but will check my pictures and see. Spinny, There are a couple of photos, that I have seen, but not much detail in the photos - just rough road map is all I have seen. I am trying to find as many pictures as I can of the car so I can try to put a bit better map of it's travels together and with each photo, I look for new hints of where it was taken and try to figure the trip it was on. It is quite a project, but a fun one and when I find a picture I don't have, it sure is fun to examine and research. Still looking but not a lot out there to be found I guess LOL. Thanks for the interest and the help. Bob
  2. I do not have any of that kind of information but if a guy could find such a list, it would certainly be of great help. Great idea and now, something more to hunt for LOL.
  3. I am looking for the center vertical trim strip for the grill of my 1935 Chrysler Airstream CZ 8. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Great Dave, Which photos do you have? I have some already so looking for different pics to help track the travels of the Marathon Car and to confirm it was in those locations.
  5. Looking for original photos of the 1930 Dodge Marathon Car. Need for a research project I am working on. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for this information Near, I will be waiting to see what they have. I appreciate the response to my needs.
  7. Looking for original photos of the 1930 Dodge Marathon Car. Need for a research project I am working on. Any help is appreciated
  8. Pickup fenders are different but the passenger cars should all interchange. I have a set of twin side mounts and they came off a 4 dr sedan and fit on a coupe just fine. If the price is fair and you want it, I would say go for it. Just remember, there is a lot more to a side mount spare than just the fender and you will need the hardware and mounting parts for the hardware. If you have all the right parts, it is not a hard job to change out the fender. Drop me a note if you need some photos of the needed parts to make it right. Good luck
  9. Thank you Matt for this great information. I am finally in a position to spend some money on my cars and the Galaxie is now in a private shop to get started on it. I really appreciate the help I get from people like you in the clubs and hope I can pass on the help I have received. Thanks again
  10. Does anyone know where I can find information on what options were available and what the cost was for them on a 1963 Galaxie 500 XL convertible? Thanks for any information or advice.
  11. Thanks for the info, I will certainly keep it in my files. My convertible was shipped to L A, Cal and was then brought to AZ where I bought it. It sat outside, unprotected for some time and does have some floorboard rust that will require some replacement - but a lot. The body is really solid with little real damage and quite repairable without replacement. My wife and I hope to enjoy it when it is done and have both waited a long long time to get started on the restoration. Thanks again, Bob
  12. I have owned a 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL convertible for longer than I like to think about - but, I decided it was time to let someone else take it into their shop and mostly restore it to original. It has a LOT of the options on it from the factory and I just want to feel it under me - going down the road again. While the Ford is being done outside, I will begin work at home on my 1936 Dodge rumble seat cp and do what my health will allow me to do. Just way past time for giving my cars some attention.
  13. Sorry, I should have put the year in. It is a 1963 Galaxie 500 XL convertible. Thanks
  14. Hello all. I am in need of at least one original wheel for my XL convertible. What is the width for the original 14 inch rim and does anyone know where I might find one in Arizona? Getting ready to start the restoration on my car and want to locate and obtain the parts I know I am missing before I get started. Thanks for any help.
  15. Jim and Keiser have helped a lot of Dodge owners, myself included. I too want to thank both of them again.
  16. Several years ago, I had keys made for the ignition of my 1930 DC 8 by a lock and key shop. I took the coil with the switch in it to the shop and the next day I had two new keys that worked perfectly. You might try calling around to locksmiths and see if there is one that can help.
  17. Looking for vertical trim strip for the center of the grille for 1935 Chrysler CZ8. Any and all help appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  18. I have a 1936 Dodge and it has covers that look a lot like yours and are actually two piece and hinge open to put the spare in or take it out of the cover. Kind of a clam shell style. Do these open like that or are they just the single piece?
  19. It's not just Hershey, it seems to be a good share of the old car hobby is gone. I drove about 2000 miles - that's right, two thousand miles - ONE WAY - to go to Hershey this year with my wife. We had not been there for 26 years but finally found ourselves without kids at home to raise so we decided to get back to the car hobby. We started walking the first day, looking at the vendor items and found, like many others, too many empty spaces or too many vehicle's just parked and it made for a LOT of wasted walking. I found a few parts that I would have bought if it were not for the high prices. It would be impossible to "restore" an old car that was built for the working man (Dodge, Chevy, Plymouth and so on) and still be able to eat. Perhaps it HAS become a rich mans game now. Too bad as there are a lot of good old cars waiting for the average working person to fix up and enjoy - but, the average working person can not afford to pay $100.00 + dollars for a single tail light lens for an average, lower priced car. I also experienced a couple of vendors that were less than friendly. They ask me to make an offer and what I felt was a fair price was evidently way to low in their view so they made it a point to let me know they were not going to even talk to me. Why ask, then get mad about it?? My wife and I were excited about getting back into the meets, but after my experience this year at Hershey, I will stick to E-Bay, the forums and local swap meets where there are still people that want to see these old cars back on the road and to help people get them there. No more BIG meets for me.
  20. Does anyone have a picture of the original side mount locks for the 1936 Dodge? I am still looking for them to complete my side mount set up. I would love to even have a good picture of the right ones so I know what I am looking for. Thanks
  21. I have the 1935 CZ DeLuxe 4 dr and a 1936 Dodge RS cp and this would sure look nice sitting with them. I too have found myself with more projects than I will ever get to finish but had I found a car like this one while I was still young, I would most likely tried to ad it to my collection of projects. Love the looks of the 1935 Chrysler Airstream.
  22. I had this problem once and instead of banging my head on the wall, I took the car to Discount Tire and had them rotate my tires. Guess what, my problem became theirs but they got the lug nut off while I was enjoying a coffee. Thanks Discount Tire.
  23. My 1930 Dodge DC8 has an adjustable front seat. There is a wing knob in the center and just below the front of the seat and turning it will move the seat forward or back.
  24. These side mount parts are getting harder and harder to find. I am missing one original clam shell tire cover to complete a set of dual side mounts. I will keep my eyes open for one for you. Do you have a single or dual side mounts for yours? Bob
  25. The "straight eight" was offered in Dodge starting in 1930 and was only used or offered for four years - 1930, 1931, 1932 and 1933. From 1934 on there were no eights offered in the Dodge until the V-8 in the 1950's. Not sure exact year they started with a V8.