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  1. Does anyone know if the vent / wing window on a 1963 Galaxie convertible will interchange with other body styles? I am in need of the entire vent window - frame and all for my XL convertible. Anyone have one they want to sell for a car being restored now? Thanks, Bob
  2. I learned to drive (self taught) in a 1936 Dodge CP then took my drivers exam in my sisters 1955 Ford two door. Passed everything the first time.
  3. Wayne, I served in Vietnam and can tell you that most people that were in combat, seldom share much of their experience with anyone. It is not something that most people would understand and when I got out of the Army, all I wanted to do was to grow long hair and a beard and try to blend in with the people I came home to. I was prod to have served, but the soldiers of Vietnam returned to a different place than we left. Even the people I knew and worked with before going, didn't want to be around me and would to all they could to avoid me. So please don't thing wrongly of your uncles for n
  4. Many GOOD men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice for America and look where we are today. A huge "thank you" and God bless all those that served their country with honor.
  5. Thanks to those trying to help identify this cool old car. I have no idea myself.
  6. Hello everyone, My granddaughter found an old photo of a car and got it for me. She knows how I enjoy old cars. Anyway, this is a bit older than I know about but would like to know if anyone can tell me what it is. Thanks.
  7. Unless Dodge used a glove box door for exports that was different than the US one, that is not the same as a US 1936 Dodge. The rest of the dash looks the same.
  8. Yes, there was only the one Marathon car and it made many trips all over the USA. I have documented that there were other Dodge 8's painted similar to the Marathon car to use as advertisement and for demo drives but they had differences that show they are not "THE" car. I have found articles that show it was still going, a year after it started and would run every day with a team of drivers that would trade off the driving and also had a representative from AAA with the car to verify that everything was kept on the up and up for the trips. I have a 1930 Dodge 8 and have been working on try
  9. Here is a sample of what the Dodge 8 Marathon car looked like. This is one of the photos I have found and added to my research project. Thanks
  10. You are right Jack, a couple of years ago there were several original photos of the Doge * Marathon Car on E-Bay and I did win the bids on a few of them but lost others to higher bids. I still have hopes of finding more of the pictures and will continue my search. Thanks.
  11. Yes, this is the car I am looking for pictures of for my project. You are right, I should have put a picture up to show the car. Thanks
  12. I am looking for photos, or other information, of the 1930 Dodge Marathon Car. I have been working on a project about the Marathon car and looking for photos and any other original information I can find to help with my research project. I have some already but interested in any that I can find to help. Thanks in advance for any help. Bob
  13. I am still looking for photos of the 1930 Dodge Marathon car from 1930 - 1931. I have several originals and would like to find others for a project I have been working on for some time. Any and all help is appreciated and thanks to those that have helped in the past. Bob
  14. Here is the page from my 1936 Dodge accessories fold out on the heaters. Hope it helps.
  15. Like I said, my accessories fold out is for 1936 Dodge but shows the four heater used for the Dodge. I can send it to you or post it here whichever you want. I will try to get a pic of the ID tags on my firewall as soon as I can and will get it to you as well. Let me know how you want it sent. Bob
  16. Thanks Greg, I will have to check out my car for that rear window shade, that would be a neat thing to have. Mine runs great but I need to completely rebuild the entire brake system on it as the master cyl is frozen solid. After that, I need to do some wiring to get all the lights working again and do general overall inspection of the car to make sure it is legal to drive. I used to drive it around our neighborhood ( at slow speeds) and use the hand / parking brake to slow or stop it but the car is now tucked away in my garage, waiting for repairs. Thanks again for the g
  17. I do not have a heater in my '35 Airstream CZ Deluxe, but I also have a '36 Dodge and have an original accessories fold out that shows there were four different models you could get for it. I would assume that the same would go for the Chrysler as well. I am sure we may find a few different heaters that would have been either factory or approved dealer installed heaters. If anyone would like to see a scan of the Dodge heaters, I can provide it as I have scanned the foldout and it is now digital. I know my '36 Dodge heater even has a brass plate on it with the word Dodge on it so might be s
  18. Joe, That is a really beautiful car. I would love to find some really nice hub caps for the 1935 with the number 8 in the center. They are rather hard to find. I have seen a lot of caps with just the Chrysler script but not many with the 8. I think they might have been for the DeLuxe model CZ8 but not sure. I have the parts book so will have to see if the part number is different than the CZ8. Let me know if you find a batch of NOS ones at a good price LOL. I really am enjoying this new sub for the Airstream, I feel welcome here and we can all share our experiences about our
  19. The tail light lenses for a 1935 Airstream DeLuxe are VERY hard to find. They are the glass, bullet shaped lenses and it took me MANY years to find two for my car. I was very lucky and found two (different sellers) with one being a mint used one and one being new in the box MOPAR.
  20. SuperJonas, Thanks for the great photos. I think I can make up the trim pieces I need now. I thought it would be about the same as the side trim and I have several extra pieces of those. I was missing some of the end "bullet" trim pieces on the running board trim (end of the rubber strips) but was lucky enough to find them. I think I have about every part now for my 1935. Thanks again, I really appreciate the help. Bob
  21. Thanks Greg. What I need to see is if it is the same width and same appearance as the trim on the side of the hood or body. I have several extra trim pieces for the sides but missing the center of the grill trim. I thank you in advance. Bob
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