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41 super straight 8


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Guest imported_Thriller

This isn't perfect as it is actually a '47 engine, so doesn't have the hole in the valve cover.



The car won a bronze in Washington state in 2007.


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If you imagine an engine being built in the factory new you can tell what colors things should be. They had to put the engine togetether to test it. Meaning no leaks. So any bolt that went through the water oor oil jacket were on and torqued down along with the bracket if appropriate. If it leaked it got fixed. If it didn't leak it go painted and went to the next step. You DID NOT loosen a bolt that had been painted to put a accessory bracket on for example. To do so could mean your job.

So saying that look at where the brackets are bolted too.

I believe your engine is red but I am not 100 % sure. 41's are not my specialty. Anything else would be semi-gloss black.

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I am in WA state also. I notice decals and wonder if or who they are available from.Usually there are decals on valve cover,oil filter can,air cleaner etc.I noticed theoil filter can appears to be white or silver.Think it may have been a black motor or just lost all its paint.Any one know the red paint code? I have gallon of Porsche india red I might use. I live in LaCenter WA.and have a 53 super,55 century and 40 special.

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Very early 1941 Buicks had gray colored engines like the 1940 Buicks. The balance of the 1941 engines are Dante red. Factory replacement engines were painted black, which is also accepted by the BCA. Early 1941 Buick production do not have the positive crankcase ventilation system and have a vented oil filler cap. Later 1941 Buick production have a crankcase ventilation system - - A tube from the valve cover to the air cleaner and a flat non-vented oil filler cap. A check of the parts book indicates the engine number break point for this system.

As for what is the correct paint color for engine parts, check William Anderson's book "Restoration Facts: 1941 Buick". Also, check out the 1941 Buick 51C in Bill Anderson's shop, visit:


Look under "Projects", "1941 Buick Super - - "

The attached image is the early production 1941 Buick that Bill is working on. Note the color of the parts and the lack of the crankcase ventilation system.



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Our 40 is going in for boby and paint in about two weeks.It will be stock body,chrome etc but will be lowered a bit and will have 15" wheels.We have a resto-mod 53 super w/camaro clip,new GM crate motor th350 etc.also a 55 Century that is completely mechanically rebuilt has a mint body but is cosmetically challenged.I just shot it semi-gloss black and will be a daily summer driver.Funny also because for decades I was a mopar guy with several restored musclecars a super gas duster and so on.A buddy here in Washington state has a beautiful 55 Special and got me hooked.so it goes

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