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Model T roadster?

West Peterson

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I can't pick up cross spring at the back, West; nor is it semi-elliptic at the back though it looks like it is at the front. And at the back you can see what looks to be a cylindrical fuel tank. The rear springs would have to be either cantilever or quarter-elliptic. My guess is Overland 4, which had cantilever rear springs in 1921, but I don't know how many years they continued that. Scale looks about right for Overland, and it looks to be from the first few years of the 20's. Ivan Saxton

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Yes! It's a 1926 or 1927 Model T Ford Roadster. If I could see the headlights or door side curtain rod pocket I could say 26 or 27 for sure. The gas tank was in the cowl, you opened the door on top to fill it, with the door open it also acted as a vent to flow air in the summer. This was what Ford marketed ad "The Improved Ford" drivers side door actually opened, seat was a bit lower without the gas tank under it and the spindles were dropped to allow the car to sit lower.

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