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Kemp's Mack Truck Collection


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Dick had a few other signs as well .

We shoot every third salesman, the second just left.

One of the best parts was not just the trucks outside , but the "office" or back room with all the walls covered with photos of trucks & construction equipment many stuck or on their sides , and the stories ! He was unique.

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I took some photos at Kemp's yesterday . I thought some of you might enjoy seeing them . It would be difficult in words or these 5 photos to describe the enormity or diversity of this collection. It will all be auctioned off sometime in the near furure. Dick was not a restorer,but loved the "stuff" and wanted to save it from the junkyard.







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Guest rideswithchuck

There aren't many Mack Truck threads in this forum. I hope this fits here. I was privileged to ride in a 1951 Mack Model A last week end. Here is video of that adventure.

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I once painted a chain drive "C" cab Mack for a dealer to be used as a display in his used truck lot.

It was not a restoration but a preservation so many details were just painted to protect from further deteroration.

Many enjoyed looking at it and one day, a older gentelman asked why I diden't paint the doors. I told him "because it doesn't have them. He reached over, and to my embrassment. lifted the doors stright up from the door sills.:o

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