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  1. Lot of sentimental value there. You will do it honors. Here's one of my friends' car. It was also his grandfather's. It is completely original save for the paint which had turned chalky.
  2. The answers to the car have been given but I find the lady may be related to the first owner of my Packard (Far right).
  3. On Facebook today. The man who painted my car reflected in the hood of the one he is painting.
  4. You are absolutely right. It is much easier to identify.
  5. I thought Stutz, then Willys but there is always a different detail.
  6. No, not health or financial issues. No new opportunity either, too old now to start again. ?
  7. The whole thread had started with a quote from one of your posts. Feels like 100 years ago. If it sells, fine. If it doesn’t, just keep driving.
  8. 1967 Mustang convertible. Restored between 89 & 92. Around 80,000 miles, I assume since restoration. New tires, new roof. Needs hydraulic pump for the roof. $27,500. Car is located in Kapuskasing, ON. Pick up only.
  9. 1934 Chevrolet Master 5WC. Reconstructed from a hulk. The thread is on this forum. About 1600 miles since. $27,500. Car is located in Kapuskasing, ON. Pick up only.
  10. He sent an email this morning saying that after some deliberation he will likely paint it black along with the garnish moldings.
  11. Here are two which are body colour, however, it doesn't mean they were born like that.
  12. A friend is restoring this one. His dash had a very heavy handed grain applied to it. I was just checking for him. I loaned him my woodgraining kit and he very well might try to grain it properly.
  13. Was the '25 dash body color, black or woodgrained.
  14. Where could I find this. I'd like to build a model of one. Scan of exploded diagrams from either parts manuals or shop manuals help + dimensions. Or, as an alternative, where is there one on display that one could go photograph and measure? Thank you, Pat
  15. Landman

    ID please

    Added photo of engine at Mark Gregory's request.
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