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  1. Rlasker3

    New Keys

    I tried just about all the keys before figuring out the ones that worked. I will assume all those other keys were to cars my grandfather previously owned. He might have kept them as keepsakes. Also, that is cool that you can recognize that by sight. Impressive.
  2. This is sort of exactly what I was wanting to hear. I did move the slider perpendicular and tried it but it apparently isn't catching. The thought process on my end is either it is worth fixing this jack because it has a true benefit over modern jacks or I just save the headache and get a modern jack such as this one. #IgnoranceIsNotBliss
  3. Good advice, thank you. Yes, one of my first orders of business is a good cleaning.
  4. The Chrysler Windsor I just recently received had a very impressive jack but it is either broken or I have no idea how to operate it. 50/50 on which one of those it is. Any advice on using this type of jack or advice on a good replacement one?
  5. These last two days I learned a few things about this car family. It turns out this is NOT the car i used to play in when I was little. That was apparently a 1950 Ford that my Pop Pop restored and later sold unbeknownst to me. This Chrysler was a second project that he took on in his later years. He bought it around 93, had the engine and transmission rebuilt and the interior fixed up. He only got to drive it a brief time before passing away in '97. I started to question things when I found an oil change sticker on the side of the door from '94, a mere 24 miles from the final odometer of 01008.
  6. Thanks for the advice! I am def walking into this eyes wide open. I'm determined to get this completed so I'm trying to first make sure I have my ducks in a row.
  7. I'm a little new school in that regard. I started a OneNote to start tracking and putting things in for planning. I made a link to view what I have so far, let me know if it works. Windsor Restoration Notebook
  8. Mark, sorry you weren't able to get your grandfather's car. My wife and I have wanted to fix up a classic car for a longtime now but we were never motivated to go fit and purchase one. I didn't originally inherit the car but the person who did just left it in my grandparent's garage. My cousin had bought the house but let them keep it there. After over 20 years he finally said it had to go and I stepped up and agreed to take it. I'm ecstatic about it. I've already had several friends say they want to come help fix it up so it will be a community effort over lots of beers and laughs hopefully. After all this COVID nonsense it's great to have something to help bring people together. I'll post every step along the way!
  9. Since I don't have a garage ATM, one of the first orders of business was to make sure the car was protected from the weather. Before I arranged to get the car I first ordered an Anti-Rust Zip Up Car Storage Bag from the California Car Cover Company. I admit that I was nervous about the fit but it fit no problem. After an interior vacuuming (in which I found the keys!), UVC light sanitation she is all zippered up snug as a bug. Once the weather is a little nicer she'll get a proper bath. In the mean time I will look into a car port (any suggestions?) and get some new tires. I'll need to formulate a plan on starting to assess the engine. Got to admit I'm not sure where to start so there are some good mysteries to solve.
  10. Rlasker3

    New Keys

    Well, look at what things you find under the driver's seat while vacuuming the interior!
  11. Rlasker3

    New Keys

    Thank you so much for the information.
  12. I thought the hub caps in the back seat were the originals but apparently they were purchased but never put on the car. I think I found the originals in the trunk.
  13. I do not think the seat upholstery nor the door panel upholstery is original.
  14. The interior is in decent shape. I don't think that the interior is original though. Still trying to get the details from relatives.
  15. Rlasker3

    New Keys

    I was able to obtain my grandfather's old 1949 Chrysler Windsor (I posted about it here). It has been in a garage for at least 46 years. Unfortunately none of my relatives know where the keys to the car are. What are the steps I need to have new keys made?
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