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  1. Thank you all for your help. These photos all belonged to my grandfather.
  2. I'm guessing, by the ages of the kids, that the year is about 1919-1922.
  3. Thank you. I love this forum; everyone is so helpful. Prior to finding it I spent days searching for similar pictures.
  4. The car in the background is the same one as in the background of my previous post. Can anyone identify the one in the foreground for me? The license plate says 1938 Michigan.
  5. The license plate in the foreground says 1938 Michigan. Can anyone identify the vehicle in the foreground as well as the one in the background?
  6. Can anyone id the vehicle that these kids are leaning against? I'm guessing that the picture is from about 1912 +/_ a year or 2.
  7. Thank you. I always thought a model T was just a car.
  8. I believe that this is my grandfather and his truck. Can anyone identify the make and model for me?
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