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Prestone can Reatta


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I was cleaning out my mother in law's garage after she sold her car and I brought home this can of Prestone DeIcer. I don't know how old it is as she kept things forever. I had the can for several day and just today noticed the Reatta on the face.



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Guest CL_Reatta

WOW... reminds me of that assignment Phil had a while ago back, with the picture / Drawing of the wrangler I think it was and a Reatta

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That's kind of funny. Of all the cars they COULD have illustrated on the can. Maybe someone at Prestone's packaging design department really like the Reatta. Or maybe they looked at all the glass and decided the Reatta would benefit from a few cans.

Seems awfully strange, especially since these weren't promotional or give-away items with the purchase of a Reatta as far as I know, but just standard retail packages. At least that is my assumption.

Would be neat to have one just for the individual who was attempting to collect all Reatta paraphernalia.


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