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  1. Good to know you had a good experience. We have another fire department with have a 1924 Stutz looking for help. The stutz has a very unique core pattern
  2. A1915Dodge signs other posts on this forum as Mr. Alex Trepanier so I expect if Sr. has passed then it would follow that this is Junior. As for the "why comment" comment, I did not see that the date he commented. This individual may be referring to the first owner's junk,. the second owner's junk or my junk. I cannot say but I suspect this is a sandbox best left for others to play in or a forum moderator to moderate.
  3. Mike I don’t know how to respond to this kind of statement. I’m somewhat surprised to see it posted on this forum and I suppose it speaks to the state of our society; I just hope it is not the future direction of the hobby.
  4. Not sure about that. We use the term cellular film core for a variety of cellular film cores. Honeycomb is it but one pattern or style and we correct people if they mis-use it or they might just get what they ask for and not what they want.
  5. Underseat heater cores are a manufacturing challenge due to their round shape (and their low volume). As such we are going to re-design a heater core to fit within the OEM "housing". The unit will however have a 12 V SPAL fan per the customer's request. The production year is a 1941 Buick but they were used in the mid 40s to mid 50s in Packards, Cadillacs, Lincolns, Studebakers, Buicks and Willys. Small batches helps divide out the design/development costs so if you need one call us directly. Its going into our build queue and we'll be working on it in the middle of April 2018
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