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  1. Hello John, Yes this looks like what I am looking for. how many 25" rims or rim pieces do you have? Please call me so we can discuss today. Respectfully, Vincent Bakich
  2. Looking for a few more 25" Firestone Detachable Demountable rims. (661) 979-9814 Bakersfield Calif.
  3. I own a 1919 Packard Truck and am thinking about selling, it's not as nice as this one but mostly all there. If interested call (661) 979-9814 Vince Bakich, Bakersfield Calif.
  4. I am looking for 1913-1916 Robinson and Moreland Fire Truck parts, do you have any? I can be reached at (661) 979-9814 Vince Bakich, Bakersfield Calif.
  5. Looking for two 25" Firestone Detachable Demountable rims and or rim hardware ie Slide Rings and Lock Rings. (661) 979-9814 Vince Bakich, Bakersfield, Calif.
  6. These look to be Locomobile. I too have a set of six wheels, rims, tires, and all the hardware for sale. I am looking for a few more 25" Firestone detachable demountable rims too. You can contact me at (661) 979-9814 Bakersfield California. Vince Bakich
  7. I have six 21" Detachable/demountable Firestone rims and four wood wheels for sales that were removed from my Locomobile. This includes six good 600-21 tires and all Firestone wheel lugs. Please contact me at (661) 979-9814 if interested. Bakersfield, Calif.
  8. Selling four 21" Locomobile wood wheels and six 21" Firestone detachable/demountable rims with all hardware. The wood, rims, and hardware are all in great shape. You can contact me PST (661) 979-9814
  9. Hello jetmechs, I am currently in the process of removing all four of my 21" Firestone wood wheels and rims from my 1919 Locomobile and installing the correct 25" Firestones. You can reach my pst. @ (661) 979-9814 if you are interested in purchasing those four wheels and six rims with all the hardware. Vincent Bakich Bakersfield, California Member AACA, HCCA, VMCA, Marmon, Stutz, and Locomobile clubs
  10. Very rare 1917 Buick D46 3-passenger convertible coupe for sale. I am building a speedster project and have for sale a complete body, splash aprons, and four fenders for sale. The body has 90% new wood that was done correctly. The sheet metal is very straight with no repair work. The front folding windshield, visor, doors with roll up windows with all hardware is there. Would like to sell everything as a package. Vincent Bakich (661) 979-9814 Bakersfield, Calif.
  11. I own a 1921 Speedster you can call me at (661) 979-9814 PST. Vince Bakich
  12. Firestone 25" detachable demountable rims, slide rings, and lock rings wanted. Contact me at (661) 979-9814 CALIF.
  13. Looking for 25" Firestone Detachable/Demountable rims, slide rings, locking rings, wedge rings, and firestone script wheel wedge hardware. Contact me at (661) 979-9814 Vincent Bakich, Bakersfield Calif. PS Will be at the Bakersfield Swap Meet in April.
  14. Hello, I am interested please call me at (661) 979-9814 Bakersfield California.
  15. All, 15 years ago I made a run of aluminum castings of an original set of step plates found from Harrahs for the club. Entailed in the process was making new wood molds/carvings as the original aluminum step plates did not make for good reproductions. They were designed to go over the trim and angle with the sides and were great additions to the runningboards Those interested can contact me at or my cel (661) 979-9814 and we can talk about making another run. I am also a member of following clubs HCCA, AACA, VMCA, MARMON, STUTZ, LOCOMOBILE CLUBS. Like all casting projects the more we do the cost per items can be less. Vincent Bakich Bakersfield, California