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  1. Good to know you had a good experience. We have another fire department with have a 1924 Stutz looking for help. The stutz has a very unique core pattern
  2. A1915Dodge signs other posts on this forum as Mr. Alex Trepanier so I expect if Sr. has passed then it would follow that this is Junior. As for the "why comment" comment, I did not see that the date he commented. This individual may be referring to the first owner's junk,. the second owner's junk or my junk. I cannot say but I suspect this is a sandbox best left for others to play in or a forum moderator to moderate.
  3. Mike I don’t know how to respond to this kind of statement. I’m somewhat surprised to see it posted on this forum and I suppose it speaks to the state of our society; I just hope it is not the future direction of the hobby.
  4. Not sure about that. We use the term cellular film core for a variety of cellular film cores. Honeycomb is it but one pattern or style and we correct people if they mis-use it or they might just get what they ask for and not what they want.
  5. Underseat heater cores are a manufacturing challenge due to their round shape (and their low volume). As such we are going to re-design a heater core to fit within the OEM "housing". The unit will however have a 12 V SPAL fan per the customer's request. The production year is a 1941 Buick but they were used in the mid 40s to mid 50s in Packards, Cadillacs, Lincolns, Studebakers, Buicks and Willys. Small batches helps divide out the design/development costs so if you need one call us directly. Its going into our build queue and we'll be working on it in the middle of April 2018. The Brassworks 805.239.2501
  6. The Brassworks in Paso Robles, CA has recreated Metz radiators. Their website is Radiators for Model T, Model A, Street Rods and Classic Cars
  7. Contact the Brassworks. They can make the radiator. 805-239-2501
  8. The Brassworks will fabricate radiator caps. 805-239-2501
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