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  1. what i thought was unusual about them is that they have no lugnut holes, like knock off wheels, they are also very similar to some advertised on e-bay, any info would help.. Thanks! Darren
  2. Are these buffalo wire wheels?? Thanks Darren
  3. David Field, in your infinite wisdom, thank you for telling me that my SISTERS, (not a friend of a friend of my sister!!) experience is weak and sounds like an urban legend, I was there the day the Las Vegas police dept called, and whether or not you believe it is irrelevant!! I am just letting Peter know that he may still be liable for the car if it is still legally titled in his name
  4. I was told it is the sellers responsibilty in Utah to notify the DMV after selling the car, my sister gave a car to the kidney foundation, months later it was found abandoned in Las Vegas, it was still titled in her name, the police dept called her and told her it needed to be picked up/moved and she was responsible for it even though she had given it to someone else.
  5. with the picture provided, it doesnt look like a 31, the car looks like a 29 briggs to me,
  6. its not from a Falcon Knight, here is a picture of the one on my 1928 model 12
  7. What make is this body??, it has a very strange firewall Thanks!! Darren
  8. Here is a picture of some Cadillac axles here locally, although the wheel is quite different the hubcap on the left axle is very similar
  9. looks like a whats left of 40 chev coupe to me
  10. My dads 1949 Merc has caps exactly like those. Darren
  11. This is a great question, I also have an old truck with 6+ year old gas in it, it will burn but runs terrible, I was thinking about draining it out and starting with fresh, I wonder if the local auto parts stores with oil recycling service would take it?? or maybe just mix it with new gas a little at a time until it is gone?? Darren
  12. I have a 1928 REO wolverine for sale, it is listed on EBAY, take a look, great project!! Thanks Darren
  13. auction ends tomorrow!! great project for someone who wants something a little different!!
  14. There was one locally on for about five grand, dont know if it is still for sale or not, looked like a pretty good truck, needed only minor work for around five grand, another one listed for 18 grand take a look. they are pretty cool old trucks!!
  15. I have a Willys Knight model 64 for sale, it is listed on ebay NO RESERVE! take a look!!
  16. not muck help but there is one on ebay just like it auction number 370190167066, it says Flint or Elcar,I dont think they really know what it comes from either, it doesnt look anything like the switch panel in my Flint.
  17. Funny you should mention Mormon missionaries, i live in Salt Lake and one day a couple of female missionaries came up to me while I was installing a sliding rear window in my truck, I told them I was not interested and they said if there was anything they could do for me just let them know, I promptly said "get up here and install this window for me" , they quickly left.
  18. Check this out, it is for sale locally at a shocking $49,900.00. It is unusual, very nice and really cool!! Who built it??? The add states only two were built, anyone know of any others??
  19. your right!! that exhaust system has got to go!! they are asking 12 thousand for it, I dont know if it is reasonable or not, all in all its still a pretty neat car! Thanks for the replies!! Darren
  20. here is a car being sold here locally, it has an overhead conversion but what manufacturer is it!! or is it a homebuilt??
  21. Here is a picture I took today of one that came into my shop, it is mounted to a 2005 Kenworth W900, it is a very common accessory for semi trucks, the owner told me they can be bought at most truck stops that carry chrome assessories for semi's.
  22. I work on over the road trucks, I see alot of these mounted on truck, mostly Peterbilts, definitely aftermarket and not very old. Darren
  23. They also look very similar to the headlights on my Flint. Darren
  24. John, just a personal note to thank you for all your help on this Flint axle, it is different than the ones on my car, I am posting pictures as a comparison so others can also see, I did a little more research and it appears that the Flint JR and the model H40 had mechanical brakes, the pictures you posted look like mechanicals , mine is a 1926 B40 or B60 that is equipped with hydraulic brakes, the info I found on says that the Flint JR had only rear brakes, this makes me believe that these are from an H40 model, the hubcap is also different than mine.