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  1. Thank for all the input, the Dick Shappy website is really great!! what an awesome collection of history.
  2. Here are a couple of Cadillac axles I know about, it looks like at one time they were made into a trailer, approximately whar year might they be?? Thanks!!!!
  3. Rusy Reo's, the car you are speaking of is probably the car I am looking for the spindle for, I bought all the cars she had, the REO, the Willys Knight and the Flint!!! are you from Utah? durospeed: is the hubcap the one presently on ebay, if so it is different than the ones on my car, if not I may be interested.
  4. they look like the outside door handles on my fathers 1941 Ford
  5. still looking, no leads yet, does anyone know if there is another vehichle that uses the same spindle/brake as the Flint, of maybe someone has the whole fron axle?? any help would be appreciated
  6. I have a 1926 Flint, I am looking for a right front spindle , brake assembly and wheel, I believe it is B40 or B60 model with wood wheels, (preferrably in the west, to minimize shipping cost) any leads would be appreciated Thanks Darren
  7. Brockway, I just recently purchased my Flint as well as several others in a package deal, unfortunately it has been outside for many years, I have picked up all of the other cars but the Flint, so as of now it is still in the same position, hopefully in the next few weeks it will be inside my garage, the car is surprisingly complete except for the right front, wheel and spindle are missing, the old owner says that she has it somewhere but we are still looking for it. of course all the wood is rotten, that is why it looks so bad in the picture with the doors and top not on the car anymore.
  8. it does appear to have some similarities to a Flint, my 25 Flint radiator is a little different, the distance between the top of the grill shell and where the radiator is seen is not as tall as the car in this picture, also the headlights do not mount under the light, they have a cradle that goes around the light and mount to the sides. here is a picture, sorry about the poor quality, taken in the dark and in the snow!!
  9. Hello Bianca, there is a gentleman on this list who is looking for a particular pobeda that is in the USA, he is Max M, do a search and look at his old thread, now questions!, is the car in the US, what is the condition?? running or not? if it is not in the US and in poor condition, I would be very very difficult to find a buyer in the US, it would cost more to import than the car than it is worth, if it is in the US there are a few people who would be interested, posting pictures could also help. one fairly nice one here in the US was on ebay, priced at $4500 USD, last I heard it did not sale.
  10. Packard32, I do not currently own this body, but it is for sale by the owner for an unknown amount, what do you suppose it may be worth to the buick crowd?? Thanks for all the input!!! Darren
  11. Thanks for the info!! looks like you nailed it packard32, too bad the only thing left of it is what you see in the picture, the frame and the engine block.
  12. i was told this is a buick, but I cannot find pictures of any with the porthole in the back, any ideas, hope the photos turn out!!
  13. the link is at the bottom, you will need to copy and paste it, the lights look like some I have seen on Cords and Auburns
  14. I have recently found what I am told is a late twenties buick body, it is a four door sedan with an oval window in the rear corners, any info or pictures will help, sorry no photos but I will get some this weekend Thanks Darren
  15. sorry, link does not work, try this one
  16. Max, this is probably not the car you are looking for but there is a 1955 GAZ M20 Pobeda on ebay for sale, it appears to be in Vermot take a look.
  17. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Max. M.</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: addicted to cars</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I Have been an avid collector of soviet car and truck emblems and hood ornaments and watch for them often, a few years ago there was two of early GAZ pobeda's for sale on ebay in Texas, I would have bought them myself if they had been closer to my state!! good luck finding your car! </div></div> do you remeber if any one of these cars, was the one mentioned above? because Slotkins car was discussed on another forum, it was also being sold on ebay </div></div> Max, I dont remember any specific mention of where or when the cars were brought here, I cant imagine too many exist here in the states, I have been to Russian many times and have never personally seen a Pobeda, even though I do own some emblems from one, I am always looking for soviet era car emblems, if I here or see anything in my search I will let you know.
  18. addicted to cars


    ran across a 25 or 26 two door flint sedan the other day, its pretty complete but in rough shape, is this a car even worth restoring?? sorry no pics Thanks Darren
  19. I Have been an avid collector of soviet car and truck emblems and hood ornaments and watch for them often, a few years ago there was two of early GAZ pobeda's for sale on ebay in Texas, I would have bought them myself if they had been closer to my state!! good luck finding your car!
  20. My friend has a 1928 Rugby and is looking for a engine hand crank for it, anyone know the dimensions or where one may be found?? Thanks Darren
  21. I have heard of a car in my area that I have never heard of before, it is an REO wolverine, does anyone have any good info, pictures, years of manufacture, production numbers on these, anything would help!! Darren
  22. Thanks Rusty OToole!! the current owner says he wanted to turn it into yard art!! even though it is rough, I think Its a better fate to buy it and store it for later, it makes me sick to think of it sitting out in the elements and deteriorating past the point of repair!! even a hot rod would be better than letting it go to h@#!
  23. Hello all, I am new to the forum and have a question about a car that I have an oppertunity to aquire, it is a 1928 Falcon Knight model 12, its rough but fairly complete, I have only found a little about it on the willys overland website but there are not very many picture of them, also this car appears to possible be a cabriolet, the problem is that supposedly none were built, I will try to post pictures later, the biggest problem is that it will need both doors, any pictures,info or leads on some doors will be greatly appreciated!! Darren