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  1. I remember when I was 16 years old, my dad has a 50 Olds 88 coupe, He let me and a friend take it for a spin around town, it was pretty fast! it was one of my favorite driving memories, I also remember vividly when I was very young probably 6 or 7, a guy in our neighborhood driving around a 37 Chev coupe hot rod, it was metallic dark brown, mag wheels and black diamond tuck Naugahyde covered running boards, I wish I knew if it still exists. Darren
  2. Can anyone identify this car Thanks!! Darren
  3. If you take a look at Tim Cotter's book "The Corvette in the Barn" it also has the story of these cars.
  4. I believe they are filled with a gel type acid, that is why you in place them in any position even upside down, I had a friend that told me a tip on optima batteries, if they act like they have a dead cell you can set then upside down for a few days then charge them, then they sometimes come back around, maybe it allows the gel to re coat the plates inside them?? I have one in my motor home that this was done to, give it a try!
  5. 10 year ago I bought two 32 for car grills at a local wrecking yard for 35 bucks, I wish that wrecking yard was still around!!
  6. just some food for thought, two and a half years ago my father an avid classic car collector/restorer and industrial plumber died from mesothelioma, asbestos is not something to be taken lightly. was it from his job or the exposure from his old cars?? it is unknown, but I can personally attest it is not an easy was to go, be careful, take reasonable precautions, not everyone who is exposed, will get mesothelioma, but why take the risk.
  7. I got this picture from another forum, what kind of car is this cap from??
  8. also interested, contact at, where is the car located, can you post some pictures? thanks
  9. I have found a man that has two 1928 Velie sedans, in very rough condition, I dont know much about the make, I do not believe they are the slant window model, can anyone tell me anything about them, do many still exist? thanks Darren
  10. here is a touring car body, does any one know what it might be??
  11. can anyone identify this body? Thanks Darren
  12. its not a falcon knight, here is a picture of a falcon knights cap
  13. didnt Hudson or Essex use the pinecone design? its really a nice looking panel!!
  14. found this picture on a photography sight while surfing the net, what is it??
  15. looks like a 1928, 1929, model A Ford truck to me
  16. take a look at the car in chapter 7 7k what is it??
  17. here is an article and picture of a 1933 Continental Ace What is it? # 125 (UPDATE) -
  18. I dont know they were advertised locally on a classified website and it doesnt specifie the size.
  19. I have recently found a 1916 Maxwell project that was being made into a speedster, it has very unusual wheels and seats I would like to know if anyone has any info on them the seat backs are cast aluminum they have been partially restored the cast backing looks to be quite old, and the wheels on the car say national wire wheel works inc, geneva NY PASCO, does anyone know if these are rare? they are in very good shape and it is a very worthwile project. any info on Maxwells, the seats or the wheels would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Darren
  20. what do you think these may have been from?? possibly an old truck? Thanks!
  21. I finally aquired these wheels and was lucky enough to get the hubs too!! they are 20 inches by 5 inches, they are from a Cadillac they say R.S. wire wheel corp of Buffalo New York, now the question is what years would these go on?? Thanks for all the help!! Darren