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  1. Must sell by the end of summer $10,000. Hasn't run since 2012. inside storage . PM me for more info.
  2. I have a 1923 touring. I sent you a e/m with pics. and price
  3. If I was on the ball, I would have posted a picture before I sent it. But like Phil said mine goes straight down. It should be fine.
  4. Dick, The vent tube is on the way. USPO says you should get it Weds. We'll see. I have the tracking # if needed. If it's not the right one just past it on, but I'm pretty sure it will fit. I cleaned it off to make sure that the grease/gunk wasn't covering up a hole. As for the cost, Would you believe the USPO let me ship it to you free( ), because you did so much at the 2014 meet. Joe C.
  5. Thanks Phil. Next time I'll leave you in NJ. Dick I'll take it of one of my spare 1931 engines. It wouldn't be really clean but I'm sure you won't mind for the price. I'll mail it out tomorrow. Joe C.
  6. Dick, Just wanted to say what a wonderful job you did on the 2014 Dodge Brothers centennial video that I received. I already had 3 viewings with family and friends. There was always something I missed in the last viewing. Thanks again and I'm sorry I hijacked the thread. Joe C.
  7. Hi All, If you search Michael Paul Smith in Google you will see his whole setup and how he does it. Joe C.
  8. Ian, I bought the car from a club member who lives in PA in 2008. I think he had it for 10 yrs. He bought it from still another club member who is now past. He lived in NJ. I tried to contact the family to see how he got it. I was only able to talk to his daughter who is on in years. All she could tell me that she always remembers her father owning that car. I asked what her father did for a living, thinking he might have been a wealthy person who worked in AU. and had the car shipped to the US, but she told me he was a "rocket scientist". That's as far as I got. I understand that a lot of ca
  9. For what it's worth Attached is my pedals on my 23 Touring built in AU.
  10. DarkCherryS10 The Dodge Brother Club is the club to join. As of the last membership roster,there are 52 1935 DB's listed. It's a great club with great people. Joe C.
  11. I have that rad.cap on my 31 coupe. I was told they are hard to come by. I use to leave it on my car at shows when I went to the flea market area, but now, nowing how rare they are,when I leave the car it gets taken off and put away. Goodluck finding one. I saw one at a flea market some years back.They wanted $200 bucks and it was in worst shape than mine. JoeC.
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