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  1. I have a 1923 touring. I sent you a e/m with pics. and price
  2. Joe Cozza

    1925 Dodge Headlight Bulb Replacement

    Be careful!!!!!!!!! Don't drop the glass lens. Put something soft beneath the light.
  3. Joe Cozza

    Infor on a Delco generator on a 31 DB

    Hi All, I have a update on my generator problem. I looked on the Dodge Brothers preferred vendor list and found A&S Ignition Inc. in Patterson NY It was 1 hr. away. A phone call was made and they were willing to look at it. To make a long story short, they checked it out took it apart while I was looking on and he noticed a bad brush and the commutator was out of round. I went back the next day and picked it up .The cost to replace all three brushes and to turn down the commutator was $65.00 which I thought was very reasonable. During the winter months I'm going to bring my starter to him and have him go through it also. BTW: I installed the gen. and it's working perfectly. Thanks to those who commented on. Joe C.
  4. Hi All, Just came back from a car show and noticed that my gen. wasn't charging. It would discharge with the lights on , but would not charge when I raced the engine. I checked and the fan belt was tight. Can somebody give me some ideas as to what also to check before I give up and send it out . Also ,who is a good shop to send it to in or around CT or the northeast for that matter. Thanks, Joe C.
  5. Joe Cozza

    Jack Capenter Birthday

    Happy Birthday Jack
  6. Thanks to John Keiser and Articifer Tom for pointing me in the right direction. The club's site has a wealth of info on springs and I should have looked there first. My bad. Anyway, the dimensions on the chart are the same as what I measured. Thanks again, Joe C.
  7. Hi All, I was at car show the other day and I noticed my front springs on my 31 DH coupe were horizontal if not above the horizontal plane. The car was on level ground. I pulled the springs off to see if they lost their normal curve. They didn't. At least I don't think so. The distance from the shackle holes to the top of the spring measured 2" I couldn't find any info on what dims. the springs should. Mine measure 35 1/4" from hole to hole,1 3/4" wide with a total of 7 leaves. The part # is 322646 . My local spring company couldn't see any problem with them but he admitted doesn't have any info on the specs. for that spring. I guess what I'm asking is, does anybody have any info on these springs? again the # is 322646. Thanks, Joe C.
  8. Joe Cozza

    Hershey 2016

    Doug, You got my check, right? Joe C.
  9. Joe Cozza

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Great!! Remember me in your will. Joe C.
  10. Joe Cozza

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    If I was on the ball, I would have posted a picture before I sent it. But like Phil said mine goes straight down. It should be fine.
  11. Joe Cozza

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Dick, The vent tube is on the way. USPO says you should get it Weds. We'll see. I have the tracking # if needed. If it's not the right one just past it on, but I'm pretty sure it will fit. I cleaned it off to make sure that the grease/gunk wasn't covering up a hole. As for the cost, Would you believe the USPO let me ship it to you free( ), because you did so much at the 2014 meet. Joe C.
  12. Joe Cozza

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    Thanks Phil. Next time I'll leave you in NJ. Dick I'll take it of one of my spare 1931 engines. It wouldn't be really clean but I'm sure you won't mind for the price. I'll mail it out tomorrow. Joe C.
  13. Joe Cozza

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    I have a spare vent . Do you want it?
  14. Made it back home. Car didn't skip a beat, going and coming. Total mileage, 605.
  15. I'm driving my 31 Coupe from CT.