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  1. I used Flying Dutchman for a rebuild and was well pleased
  2. My 38 Dodge was rear-ended in Michigan at the National Meet I used his sheet metal parts to repair the damage they fit perfectly yes he was slow to send but the parts are made after you order
  3. Want to buy water pump pulley.its for a 29 Desoto should be the same as a DD 5/8 shaft,pulley 4 inch, 2 1/4 tall
  4. Try Tom and Cindy at http://www.myersearlydodge.com
  5. For the Trans i use 1qt 600wt and 2 tubes of grease mixed together I find its easier to pull the top off the trans and put it in from the top
  6. If you don't get a reply send them by Greyhound Bus I've used them before
  7. There is no better feeling than hearing an engine start for the first time
  8. Found the problem the intake was leaking causing it to run lean fixed that now it runs cool
  9. So far i've changed head gaskets ,water pump,thermostat,flushed block checked timing and checked radiator still overheats ???????????????
  10. Try www.steelerubber.com/search?year=1937&make=dodge&model=series-d5&style=2-door-convertible they're not cheap but good
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