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  1. Can anyone tell me how to install new journal oil plugs. I think they have to be hit with a hammer to dent them which sets them in place, but the other journals are in the way of striking them with a hammer. Thankyou.
  2. Thanks flatcat, that's just what I needed. You know what they say about a picture.
  3. These are made of steel and I am sure that flatcat is correct.
  4. Thanks alot flatcat. Thats great info. I would like to see the pics of the running boards that you had redone. Dave
  5. I got these in boxes of parts that came with my 39 coupe. Are they running boards that should be covered in rubber or supports that go under the running boards? Pictures would really help. Thanks
  6. I am at the same point of the restoration of my 39 coupe as you are. I was wondering if those running board pieces on the quarter panels were made by you or are they original. Mine are all rotted away and I have to make them as well as the running boards and running board covers on the doors. Could you post some pics of the running boards and board covers so I can see what they are supposed to look like from top and bottom. It would be greatly appreciated. Dave
  7. I just bought an original 39 Zephyr coupe to restore, it has the dust covers on the front brakes as in the pic at the beginning of this thread. I just went to my shop to look at the 2 spare sets hanging on the wall. The part of the band that has the tightening bolt, is flat and does not have the bend that goes against the backside of the backing plate. The 39 has this bend. Huuuuum the plot thickens.
  8. These are 2 zephyrs I have built in the past.
  9. Thanks keiser31, that helps somewhat, but a shot of this area without the rubber cover would be great.
  10. The 38 is a custom I have been working on for 8 years. It has a big block Lincoln 460. The 39 will remain all orignal. The running boards are missing. I would like to see pics of another coupe focussing on that area.
  11. Here are a couple of pics of the 39 Zephyr I just bought.
  12. I am trying to add a pic of the car, but the file size is too big..does anyone know how to help me out here?
  13. Just picked up a 39 from a fellow in poor health, who asked me if I wanted to buy his car. The car is missing the hidden running boards under the doors. Anybody have pics of these and how they attach to the car?
  14. Thanks guys, I'll check compression and spark then take it from there.
  15. I just bought a 39 coupe project from an elderly gentleman. He said the V12 was rebuilt? At idle it sounds nice and smooth (fairly quiet). When I increase the RPM to say 1500 in neutral, it feels ruff or shakey, almost like it is out of balance. Could it be one or two cylinders not firing?
  16. I sent my 38 Zephyr speedo cluster, clock and money to United Speedometer last March. They don't return my calls or email. Are they still in business? Any info is appreciated. Thanks, Dave
  17. Need 38 or 39 zephyr drivers side front fender,39 lenses and trim rings. I left a message for Merv Adkins but there must be a secret code to get a reply.
  18. I need a 38 or 39 drivers side front fender and 39 lenses with trim rings. I left a message with Merv Adkins but there must be a secret code to get a reply.
  19. Thanks Phil for the comment about my car. I paid 3 grand for that 37 that was stored in a barn. It had no drive trane, no floors, no door sills and rusted out fenders. If this had been a car like the one ebay, I would likely have restored it. I like to see custom modifications that don't look like anything was done and suit the car or improve it's appearance. The zephyr doesn't need anything to improve it's appearance, so I left it stock looking. It is a factory custom. That "Scrape" car and it's plastic clones look like hell. Thanks Dave Jolly 37 coupe 37convertible sedan 38convertible coupe 37 packard coupe P.S. How did you find out my name, it wasn't mentioned on Dream Car
  20. David, I have a 38 gas tank as well as most of the wood for the trunk and behind seats. I don't know where you are located. I am near Toronto.
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