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  1. Your coupe is looking real nice. I couldn't find that lower nose piece for my 38 and 39. I ended up making them, one on a plannishing hammer and the other using a roller and shrinker to get the reverse curves. BTW, thanks for info on pinion shaft, I've never had mine apart to know if it is 6 or 10 spline.
  2. Make sure that the battery cable is on the battery terminal of the solenoid and the starter cable is on the starter terminal of the solenoid. If they are reversed you might not get any action from the solenoid. That happened to me.
  3. Could someone please confirm that the 39 zephyr pinion shaft is 6 spline, same as ford. Thanks
  4. Has anyone used a Mitchell overdrive on there torque tube instead of a Columbia on the rear end?
  5. Going to try to find a columbia for the 39 Zephyr over the winter. A friend has a housing with HB4045 cast in it and one with 68-4045 cast in it. I think the HB is Lincoln housing and the 68 is Ford housing? Maybe someone can confirm this. Hopefully I can find enough parts to make this happen. Dave
  6. I left the interior as is for now, until I save up some more bucks. That part I will have to farm out. It's got patienna or however you spell that word.
  7. Thanks to everyone who answered or commented on questions I had while in the process of restoration. I got the car licensed and on the road. Went to a car show/fleamarket on the weekend for the maiden voyage. About 80 miles there and back combined. Drove at about 40 to 50 mph, no problems except, on some older paved roads, the bias ply tires seemed to want to go where they wanted, not where I wanted. Maybe Coker 700R16 tires would help. Also a columbia would certainly help, at 50 mph the engine sounds like it would blow up if I went any faster. Thanks Dave
  8. I bought two 6 volt coils with internal resister to make my own coil assembly. I know rebuilds are available, but I just want to try it myself. I guess I will have to bypass the resistors under the dash? During the winter I will remove the whole distributor and inspect all the internals.
  9. After running the engine with another old coil I have, the spark began to return to the drivers side. I also read that the left and right coils serve their respective sides of the motor, even though the wires go to both sides. That leads me to believe that one side of the former coil was bad. I now have spark on both sides, but at higher speeds the engine seems a little rough. Maybe these old coils lose some spark with heat and engine load.
  10. The weirdest thing, took the car for its first shake down drive. After about 5 minutes the engine started to run rough. Came home, pulled each plug wire off, one at a time, with engine running. Passenger side had good spark from each wire to each plug. Driver side had poor spark from each wire to spark plug. The spark plug wires are new. I put on a different coil and changed the condensors from side to side, still the same thing. How can this happen when each side of the distributor fires both sides of the engine. This may be nothing to do with it, but the iron heads are coated with ceramic header coating. The battery cable is grounded to the passenger side head. I wonder if the driver side head is not grounded enough? I'm stumped.
  11. According to the wiring diagram I have from Narraganset, the low beam filament is on all the time when the lights are turned on, and the foot activated high beam switch adds the high beam filament, so both are on together for high beam.On other newer cars, the low and high beam filaments come on separately. Is this true or did I have a brain fart. Dave
  12. Thanks alot, as soon as the wire arrives I'll get on it.
  13. Thanks peecher, I don't have the correct wire lengths. If you could post them, that would be great. Dave
  14. Thanks v12lincoln, so I assume the wires are put in the conduit off the engine, then the whole assembly is bolted to the engine, then the wires pulled tight in the conduit.
  15. I ordered some park plug wire that I will have to cut to the appropriate lengths and install inside the conduits, then attach the terminals. Has anyone had experience installing the wire in the conduits? Should the conduits be on the engine so the wires can be cut to the right length? How do you get the wires thru the conduit? Your experience is apprieciated. Dave
  16. Thanks peecher, I was looking for just a cheap thermostat same diameter as the hose ID, to sit on top of the head, held in place by another hose clamp.
  17. Does anyone know the part number of the thermosts that will work in the 39 v12, so I have something to tell the guy at NAPA. Thanks, Dave
  18. Some pics of the custom. Sorry if this offends anyone.
  19. Got the engine in place after a little fight with the transmission. Thanks for the info on the push rod. The other car in the pic is a 38 zephyr convertible coupe. It started out with no motor, no floors, no rockers, no nothing, so I made it into a custom, which might offend some of you. But the way I see it, I got the best of both worlds, a custom Zephyr and an original Zephyr. I would post some pics of the custom but I was told that they are too big, I have to find out how to shrink them.
  20. Some pics of the progress on my 39. One question, I can't remember which way is up for the fuel pump push rod? Thanks
  21. Thanks for the reply John. Would you know if any year flathead pump will work? Is there a difference between with or without fuel bowl? Are all the mounting flanges the same? Can I use the original push rod? Thanks, Dave
  22. Can anyone tell me what fuel pump to use on my 39 zephyr. The diaphram in mine seems to be brittle. Are they the same as ford flathead? Thanks
  23. Does the 39 rad have upper rad supports or do the rad hoses hold the top of the rad in place? Thankyou
  24. I would like to get a 3 carb manifold for my 39 coupe. Went to austinrodshop, and site was not there. Has something happened?
  25. Thanks for the info guys, I might try the nut and bolt trick, since all the parts for the rebuild are already purchased for use with the 39 crank.
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